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Stage Automatically created in the activity tree when defining a milestone within an activity. The stages are listed when an activity is loaded.

Orchestration steps are mapped to this shape. Some orchestration steps cannot be mapped to this shape including Termination shapes and any steps encoded ded within a Loop shape.

Data Item

Automatically created in the activity tree when defining a data item within an activity. The data items are listed when an activity is loaded.

You can specify data items from messages in orchestrations or pipelines. Additionally, you can specify context property information for those messages.

Activity ID

Uniquely identifies the instance of an activity that has executed and is
Automatically authorized ded within the activity tree.

This value can be user generated and identified from a message. however, the field must be unique because it is a key in a SQL Server table. if no value is mapped in the Tracking Profile Editor, then BAM will automatically generate this value.

Continuation Inserts a new continuation folder within the activity tree. Used in conjunction with ContinuationID to allow multiple components to populate the same activity. for example, if Orchestration A depends on Orchestration B and both contribute data to the same activity, then a continuation folder wocould be created and mapped to a data item in Orchestration A that is carried over to Orchestration B.

Inserts a new continuation ID
Folder within the activity tree.

ContinuationID is mapped to
Data item in Orchestration B that was passed from Orchestration.

Relationship Relationship folders are used to imply a relationship between one or more activities. Relationships are especially useful in relating two activities for a single orchestration. for example, if you have an orchestration with a Loop shape, then the orchestration and the Loop shape must be represented by separate activities. via the relationship folder, you can create a relationship between the two activities.
Document Reference URL

Allows the linking of a document related to this instance of the activity.

The file name can be mapped from
Either a schema value or a context property on the message.

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