Bananapi Python-mysql Operation Library

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BANANPI Python-mysql Operation Library

1, first MySQL, Python environment installation

2, download mysql-python-1.2.3.tar.gz and unzip

Tar Xfz mysql-python-1.2.3.tar.gz

3, vi Edit configuration

Remove Comment: Mysql_config.path = "/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config"

Whereis mysql_config Search to corresponding path

Note: If you do not have mysql_config, you need to install Libmysqld-dev

sudo apt-get install Libmysqld-dev
sudo apt-get install Libmysqlclient-dev

4. Switch to the mysql-python-1.2.3 directory

sudo python build

Tip Importerror:no module named Setuptools error,

Installing Decompression

sudo unzip

Switch to the setuptools-3.2 directory

sudo python build
sudo python install

5. Perform fourth steps sudo python build
Appears Error:command ' GCC ' failed with exit status 1

sudo apt-get install Python-dev Libevent-dev
sudo apt-get install Libevent-dev

And then in the fourth step of execution

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>
CentOS Python installation Mysql-python package
Execute commands: sudo yum install Mysql-python

Bananapi Python-mysql Operation Library

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