Bank-level funds security index trading platform Vefx: The world's major stock index introduction

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In recent years with Vefx more and more investors accepted, gradually in the online also began to become well-known, recently there are many just contact VEFX billion investor message, let us explain our VEFX billion specific index standards and specific reference index, today we give a detailed answer to this question.

First of all, we need to know that in judging the global economy or finance, the most important to see the global economic contribution of the most important countries, these countries are the United States, China, Germany, Britain, France and other countries, so the day when we judge the international economic trend, will also focus on judging the economic situation of these countries, A country's economic situation can often be largely reflected in the country's stock market or some key indices.

Vefx is the main reference to these national key indices, including the Nasdaq index is a stock price index reflecting the changes in the Nasdaq stock market, the base index is 100. The Dow Jones Index is the first group of Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow Jones Industrial Average) in the four Dow Jones Indices group. The Dow Jones Index, also known as $US30, the Dow Jones stock price average, is the most influential and widely used stock index in the world. The Hong Kong Hang Seng Index, the index compiled by Hang Seng Index, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hang Seng Bank of Hong Kong, is the most influential index in the Hong Kong stock market. The German index is a blue-chip index launched by Deutsche Börse Group. The index contains 30 major German companies and is one of the important indices in the world securities market. The FTSE is compiled by the FTSE (FTSE), a world-class index, which has been one of the most popular financial commodities for world investors since 1984, covering 100 of the largest market capitalisation traded on the London Stock Exchange. The Poole Index is a stock index that records 500 listed companies in the United States. The stock index was created and maintained by Standard and poor, which has more companies than the Dow Jones index, and therefore more fragmented risk, reflecting broader market changes.

Vefx through professional analysis, strong cooperation to select these internationally well-known index, as a professional platform to provide customers with precious metals, indices and other diversified global financial products online transactions. Committed to high-quality customer service, leading platform technology, highly competitive transaction costs, to meet the different needs of international investors. Adhering to the "investment can be simpler" service concept, to provide customers with the most excellent trading environment and the fastest transaction execution, for your investment to provide a full range of services.

Bank-level funds security index trading platform Vefx: The world's major stock index introduction

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