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Register for free to log in, a document can register up to three accounts, each row of 1000 yuan need to consume a row of single currency

(The single currency can be purchased by the referrer 10 Yuan one can also use dynamic wallet funds self-conversion?? ) (13249054849)

? One, the daily rate of 2% single-line system:

First round 1000~10000;

Second round 1000-20000;

Third round 1000-30000.

Note: Each account has a cap of 30000 order 1000 of the full multiples of the withdrawal: 1000 from the multiple of 100

Two, queue 3-10 days random entry (humanized? entry: If the family needs to enter early can be in the background mail application priority entry), after the payment of the frozen

? Third, dynamic bonuses are calculated by 1:1 rows to avoid malicious cash bonuses (such as a single 5000 yuan? Dynamic bonus is the highest? can be extracted all 5000 yuan)

? Four, in order to increase the circulation within the system, after the withdrawal of the payment is completed, within 48 hours must again order, or to be sealed number processing!

Five, Operation time node: (13249054849)

The time for entering the game is

The payment confirmation time is 12 hours.

3 hours after matching award positive prize 1%;

If the interest rate is reduced by 1% within 6 hours,

The payment is not processed within 24 hours,

The receiving party does not confirm the number processing within 12 hours,

Have any error message feedback! (13249054849)

? Six, dynamic benefits:

Management Award: (the list of the recommended person is greater than the number of members to receive the management award according to the proportion of the member, less than the member according to their own amount of calculation, the implementation of strict management award burns system).

First generation 6%

Second generation 3%

Third generation 1%

Fourth generation 0.5%

Fifth generation 0.1%.

To give the player a virtuous circle?? Mutual help platform, Management award strictly controlled within the generation, to provide you with a healthy and stable development of the wealth community!! (13249054849)

Manager Award:

Junior Manager: Direct Push 10 people???, team number 150 people, complete 100 single results

Intermediate Manager: Direct Push 20 people, team number 500 people, complete 400 single performance, enjoy unlimited generation 2%

Senior Manager: Direct push 40 people, team number 1500 people, complete 1400 single performance, enjoy unlimited generation 3%

Barclays Financial assistance Community

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