Barrier: What's wrong with girls?

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1. What happened to a girl?
I don't understand how many people say that I am a girl, can I take the test ??
Is it related to men and women ?? I really don't understand.
Isn't there a lot of students ???

Author: feixue night reply to this speech

2. Reply: What happened to girls?
Who said .... My day

Author: four red skins,-12-15 reply to this speech

3. Reply: What happened to girls?
Girls only study hard and do not work, and their tutors are too lazy to recruit. Therefore, there is a high possibility of being passed during the interview.
As a matter of fact, society does not discriminate against anyone. The country needs people with insights, rather than those who study hard. Many girls are willing to look like this. Who else can they wish?
I am a computer student, and I have always received scholarships from girls in the class. My average score is 3.77, while girls often have over 6. Now, I am definitely earning more than my masters who have read dead books for years. Which girl can claim to be half my salary ??
The fact is the fact that there is no need to complain. If you are really good, can you tell your tutor during the interview? No one will abandon the talent, there is no mentor who will make a stupid graduate student.

In addition, it is undeniable that the ratio of postgraduate entrance exams for girls is higher than that for boys (not the number of students). It is strange that the master recruitment is still using the dead-end reading tool for testing. This is really a concern for the next generation.
author: gashero reply
4: what happened to girls
I don't know about other majors, but it is estimated that the situation is similar. Let's look at the curriculum design of computer science. Every course design, There is a girl in a group who does nothing and waits for boys to program to show their purity. Even some simple Programs . In the face of such a person, if she goes to the postgraduate entrance exam, it will not harm the country's Master's metrics !!!
author: gashero reply
5: what's wrong with girls
the times are different, and the national campaign for equality between men and women has started for a long time, nowadays, most of the prejudices against girls are caused by the fact that girls are willing to abide by Women's Morality In old society.
these are still good. Some girls simply enjoy some rights as women in the old society and even demand these rights. They also cite the idea of equality between men and women to reject all obligations of the old and new ages. It can be said to be shameless. Regardless of the social form and morality, if it can exist for a long time, it means a reasonable situation. The humiliation of women in the old society also exists with the right that can be obtained without labor.

if you fail, look for your own problems. Do not spread your ignorance around for such a small matter.
author: gashero reply to this speech

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