Basic Basics of Linux Learning

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Learn about the basics of computer and the rules of Liunx origin and free software protocol, learn the basics of getting started with Linux today:

First, the management of Linux package is explained.

1, the composition of the package:

(1) Binary files

(2) configuration file

(3) Library file

(4) Help file

2. Composition of the Package Manager:

(1) Install package (2) unload package (3) query function

3. Describes the package manager used by several major distribution releases:

Debian: Package dpkg Installer Anp-get

Redhat: Package RPM Installer Yun or DHF


Second, Liunx terminal type

There are two types of user liunx that are described earlier: GUI and CLI

In general, the following GUI interface is not available, it is recommended to use the CLI interface,

There are 4 types of liunx terminals, namely:

(1) Physical terminal:/dec/console

(2) Serial terminal:/dev/ttys

(3) Virtual Terminal:/dev/tty

(4) Pseudo-terminal:/dec/pts

Which we use the most is the virtual terminal and pseudo-terminal, a total of 6 virtual terminal, you can press Ctrl+alt F1-F6 directly to switch, wherein the 6 terminal contains a graphics terminal, can be used through the command startx & Switch, You can query which terminal the current user belongs to by using the TTY command.

Pseudo terminal is Telnet, under the LIUNX environment we mainly use the SSH protocol for remote login, but before you log in, you need to check whether the SSH protocol is turned on, the specific command: SS-TNL to see if the system is TCP protocol 22 port is in the listening state

Also to query whether the firewall rules are turned on, through the command iptables-l-n view rules, through iptables-f cleared, but this operation means for this time, we can also use the following command to permanently clear: systemctl disable Firewalld.service stops and then clears the Systemctl stop Friewalld.service execution. However, Centso 7 should use the following command: Service iptables stop service iptables off

Considering that the administrator privilege is too large to avoid the effect of late misoperation on the system it is not recommended to use an administrator user logon terminal if you want to perform administrative permissions to recommend a temporary switch.

Introduction to the document System of LIUNX

1, first understand the Liunx thought:

(1) All documents, can abstract all the resources into a file

(2) is composed of many single programs, a file can only do one thing, need a lot of combination of files to complete complex tasks

(3) Volume avoidance and user interaction: Automate tasks with a simple programming approach

(4) Use a text file to save the configuration information.

2, the composition of Linunx file system:

File systems have directories and file components:

Linux is an inverted tree row, all files are saved in the/directory, all through/path to derive, can continue to branch of the directory called, can not be called files,:

Table of Contents: used to map related road strength.

File: One end of the data stream stored in disk space, which cannot be used as a path.

The directory path is divided into two types: relative and absolute

Absolute path: From/start

Relative path: Path starting with the location of the face directory

Working directory: The left side of the file is the directory name to the right of postcards

Command specification for files:

Case and character Strictly

The directory is also a file, so the file name below the unified path cannot be the same.

Support for naming files using a symbol other than/for a file length of up to 255 characters

Basic Basics of Linux Learning

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