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This article provides some basic knowledge and related examples necessary for getting started with jquery. It is suitable for beginners to learn. It also provides some common jquery events. If you are interested, do not miss this article. juqery is an excellent javascript framework. It is a lightweight js library, compatible with CSS3, and compatible with various browsers (IE 6.0 +, FF 1.5 +, Safari 2.0 +, and Opera 9.0 + ), jQuery2.0 and later versions will no longer support IE6/7/8 browsers. JQuery allows you to easily process HTML documents, events, and animation effects, and provides AJAX interaction for websites.

Another major advantage of jQuery is its comprehensive documentation and detailed description of various applications. There are also many mature plug-ins to choose from. JQuery can ensure that the user's html page is separated from the code and html content. That is to say, you don't need to insert a bunch of JavaScript code in the html to call the command. You just need to define the id.

When using the jQuery2.0 framework, what I want to say through the above section is that if some code cannot run in eclipse, it indicates that the browser kernel is too low, you only need to display the effect in a browser of a higher version.

2. The jQuery library contains the following features:
· HTML element selection
· HTML element operations
· CSS operations
· HTML event Functions
· JavaScript special effects and animations
· Html dom traversal and Modification
· Utilities
3. Google and Microsoft have good support for jQuery.
If you do not want to store the jQuery library on your computer, you can load the CDN jQuery core file from Google or Microsoft.
Use Google CDN

The Code is as follows:

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