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Recently in the project needs, began to study the child product interface design. Until then, little is known about how children use mobile products and how to design them. High-quality mobile applications that bring fun to children can help children perceive things. More and more children are using mobile devices to reach the virtual community even before the real world, and how to design children's products is a subject worthy of in-depth study.

This paper simply analyzes the differences between children and adults in terms of vision, interface level relationship and interaction.


Careful friends will find that children's furniture is obviously different from other furniture, the most obvious feature is color, this is because children's eyesight to 8 years of age can be fully developed, the perception of color is also starting from the simple three primary colors, children prefer to like high purity and Gomingdo of the primary colors.

ipad version of the animation of the starting interface to brand Green, with a variety of red, blue and yellow color, the overall realistic blue sky green grassland real mood, to create a relaxed and interesting atmosphere.


Children's furniture generally has protective measures to avoid children in the absence of self-protection awareness of the case was accidentally injured, interface design is the same. Avoid miscellaneous details, and edges are usually handled using rounded corners.


Parents are often concerned that children use electronic devices to affect their eyesight, and that small fonts are rarely used in the interface, and E-book sizes are usually 2-4 larger than adult interfaces. and odd art cartoons to pictures and video mainly, children through the cartoon image can easily identify content, compared to story books, text is not so important.


Individual interface can not avoid the use of text, the odd art animated cartoon added a sound hint, subtly reduce the difficulty of reading children.

Story books usually have a reading voice, on the one hand, children do not have much literacy, on the other hand, children's attention is usually only about 20 minutes, interesting interface with sound can attract children's attention.

Click at random

Children have no clear concept of whether the interface can be manipulated, mainly exploratory operations, in order to avoid children to click on the set of random clicks caused the interface to jump or mistakenly trigger other operations. Odd art cartoon can lock the screen when playing, exiting the playback need higher cost children not easy to learn long press operation.

Individual ebook design is not intentionally to avoid this problem, but use children's exploratory operation to trigger the animation effect, encourage children to click on objects in the interface, increase the interest of the interface, but the implementation of this design cost is high.

Tasks that do not require child clicks, such as e-books, often have translucent buttons in the interface to avoid attracting children to click.

If possible, the operation should be placed above the interface to effectively prevent children from delayed operation.


Child application of the interface design is much simpler than other, story book is linear by page number play, the main interface of Odd art cartoon only player and choose animation, hierarchical relationship is simple.


In addition to the above, children's interface design has a lot of details to be carefully examined, such as:

Enhanced Click Feedback

Increase the interest of the progress bar

Ads that are too conspicuous to attract children's clicks but are easily resented by parents

Avoid searching

For children of low age to avoid the rolling operation of the interface

No more one by one with the example of the interface case, these are just basic knowledge, the most important thing is to master the rules of children's operating behavior, more attention to the ipad version of the design of the graphic cartoon.

Article source: Xiao Sheng Quotations

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