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Although a picture has a variety of colors, but the overall there will be a tendency, is a partial blue or red, is a warm or cold, and so on, the color of the trend is a picture of the overall tone. The commands for changing the overall tone of the image in Photoshop are "photo filters," "Match colors," and "Change" commands.

1. "Photo Filter" command

The photo filter command adjusts the color-color parameter by simulating the effect of the front filter on the camera lens, which also allows you to select a preset color to apply hue adjustment to the image.

2. "Gradient map" command

The gradient map command maps a set of gradient patterns to an image, changing the overall hue of the image. Perform "image" | " Adjust the "|" Gradient mapping command, which pops up the dialog box in the following illustration, where the gradient for grayscale mapping option, which displays the foreground and background colors by default.

By default, the gradient for grayscale mapping option in the Gradient Mappings dialog box displays the foreground and background colors, and sets the outlook color to shadow mapping, and the background color to the highlight map. As the foreground and background colors in the toolbox change, the Open dialog box changes. When the mouse points over the gradient bar, displays the click Editable gradient prompt, clicking the Gradient Editor dialog box to add or change colors to produce three-color or more-colored images, such as the three-color gradient mapping effect. “

3. "Match Color" command

The match color command matches the color of one image to the hue in another image, or to the tonal consistency of different layers of the same document.

Different document matching: The premise of matching colors in the various images is that you must open 2 image documents and then select the image document that you want to change the color to perform the image | Adjust the "|" Match Color command, select another image document name in the source Drop-down List of the dialog box, click OK when you are finished, and change the target image to the hue in the source image.

Use the image selection to match the color: By default, the match color command matches the target image with the overall hue in the reference image. When a selection is present in the reference image, the use source selection calculated color option in the Match Color dialog box is available, and when enabled, the target image is changed to the hue in the source image selection.

Match document: In the absence of a selection, a 2nd image file is also not required if the target image document contains 2 or more than 2 layers. Just select another layer in the target image file in the layers list.

4. "Change"

The change command visually adjusts the color balance, contrast, and saturation of the image by clicking on the thumbnail by displaying the thumbnail of the substitute.

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