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From the input keyword, to Baidu to give the search results of the process, often only a few milliseconds to complete. How is Baidu in the vast array of Internet resources, so fast the content of your site to show to the user? What kind of workflow and computing logic is behind this? In fact, Baidu search engine work is not just as simple as the home search box.

Search engine for the user to show every search results, corresponding to a page on the Internet. Each search results from the generation to the search engine to show the user, need to go through four processes: crawl, filter, indexing and output results.


Baiduspider, or Baidu Spider, through the search engine system calculation, to determine which sites to implement crawl, and crawl the content and frequency values. The search engine calculation process will refer to your site in the history of the performance, such as whether the content is good enough, whether there are unfriendly to the user settings, whether there is excessive search engine optimization behavior and so on.

When your site generates new content, Baiduspider will access and crawl through a link in the Internet that points to that page, and if you don't have any external links to add to the new content in your site, Baiduspider can't crawl it. For the content has been crawled, the search engine will crawl the page to record, and according to these pages on the importance of users to arrange different frequency of crawl update work.

You need to note that there are some crawling software, for a variety of purposes, will be disguised as Baiduspider to your site to crawl, this may be uncontrolled crawling behavior, serious impact on the normal operation of the site. Click here to identify the authenticity of the Baiduspider


Not all Web pages in the Internet are meaningful to users, such as some obvious deceptive user pages, dead links, blank content pages, and so on. These pages for users, webmaster and Baidu, there is not enough value, so Baidu will automatically filter the content to avoid the user and your site to bring unnecessary trouble.

Establish an index

Baidu to crawl back to the content will be marked and identified, and these tags stored as structured data, such as the Web page tag, title, Metadescripiton, Web page outside the chain and description, crawl records. At the same time, the keyword information in the Web page is also identified and stored in order to match the content of the user search.

Output results

Keywords entered by the user, Baidu will carry out a series of complex analysis, and according to the conclusion of the analysis in the index library to find the most matching a series of web pages, in accordance with the user input of the key words embodied in the needs of the strength and the merits of the page to score, and in accordance with the final score of the arrangement,

In summary, if you want to use the search engine to bring users a better experience, you need to carry out the strict content of your site construction, make it more in line with the user's browsing needs. It is important to note that one of the issues that always needs to be considered in the content building of a website is whether it is valuable to the user.

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