Basic knowledge that must be understood by network management

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Although the network management is a hard work, but do a small series of network management think is still very promising, after the accumulation of management, learn to do business network management, China's enterprises need such talent, want to do network management, you must know the basic knowledge of the network management.

1, computer structure and working principle, various parts of the performance parameters and mainstream brands, computer hardware assembly, CMOS settings, hard disk partition, format, WINDOWS98/2000/XP installation, hardware drivers and application installation, Windows registry structure, backup and application.

2,windows kernel: CPU, memory, hard disk distribution, hardware and software system optimization settings, performance evaluation of the machine, computer virus principle and prevention, common hardware and software failure reasons, phenomenon and solve, correctly distinguish the market fakes, parallel imports, hardware and software products sales skills.

3, the basic composition of the network, development and topology design, 10base-t LAN construction and implementation, as well as the structure and characteristics of various servers, Ethernet Peer-to-peer network and other means. The similarities and differences between TCP/IP four-layer model and OSI seven-layer model, TCP/IP protocol analysis, how to set IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, area molecular Network and network segment and hub, switch and router.

4, network security, network protocol Introduction, the basic knowledge of general encryption, public key cryptography basic knowledge and digital signature, identity is difficult to verify, with PGP and digital certificate for Mail encryption experiment, a comprehensive description in the environment to implement network security countermeasures, Windows98 under various loopholes, Attack type and defense method and Security Configuration scheme (system security, IE Security, Outlook Security, etc.).

5, the System for manual customization, system performance detection management, kernel settings and compilation. FTP services with Samba services, other services such as DHCP, NFS, and so on. Web Network services. Includes: Configuration usage and security settings for Apache services. Introduction to other Web services software. DNS technology and applications. Some simple routing techniques for some simple load balancing techniques.

Want to do network management, the necessary basic knowledge of course not only these, I hope to have more help for you. Do network management from these basic knowledge to learn it.

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