Basic Linux Tutorials---user and group actions

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User and group actions

The Linux operating system is stable, secure, and its "user and group" management is inseparable, I first look at the real life of the project group of Simple management:

The task of setting permissions for the user to manipulate files is cumbersome and not implemented.

When Linux creates a user, it will consider the creation of a group system to add and subtract files, but also a file into a group inside

So that the system administrator only need to care about the user is that group , you can know what the user specific file operation permissions.

User and group operations for Linux:

1. Group Operations (/etc/group)

① Add Group information Groupadd (there is no space attached to the write)

># Groupadd grouname//Create a group

② modifying the name of a group

># groupmod-g Group number-N new name GroupName

③ Delete Group (if there is user information under Group, delete is forbidden)

># Groupdel Group Name

2. User Action (/etc/passwd)

① Add user Useradd

USERADD-G group number-u user number-D User home directory username

># useradd username//Create an ordinary user without setting the user group information, create a group with the same name as the user name

> # useradd-g Group number username// Create A user while the Its group settings ( This will not Create the same name Group )

Exercise: Use the root account to add a group ID of 505 User ID 510 home directory under/var/xueyou users xueyou

② User Modify operation (group, ID, home directory) users Modify

USERMOD-G group number-u user number-D home directory-L newname username

># usermod-g GID username//Modify user group number information (common)

③ User Delete

># Userdel User name//delete user

># userdel-r username//delete user at the same time, also delete user home directory

④ setting a password for the specified user

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Basic Linux Tutorials---user and group actions

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