Basic principles to be followed in computer maintenance

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First, make maintenance judgments from the simplest things to do

simple things, on the one hand refers to observation, on the other hand refers to the simple environment. The simple thing about

is observation, which includes:

1, the environment around the computer-location, power, connectivity, other equipment, temperature and humidity, and so on;

2, what the computer shows, what it displays, and how they are different from normal;

3, the environment inside the computer--dust, connection, the color of the device, the shape of the parts, the status of the lights, etc.

4, the computer's hardware and software configuration-what hardware is installed, the use of resources, the use of a system of XX, and what application software , the setup driver version of the hardware, and so on.

A simple environment includes:

1, the smallest system that will be mentioned later,

2, only basic running parts/software, and suspected faulty parts/software in a judged environment;

3, in a clean system, Add the user's application (hardware, software) to analyze and Judge

from simple things to do, is conducive to concentration of energy, conducive to fault diagnosis and positioning. It must be noted that after careful observation, it is necessary to judge and repair.

Second, according to the observed phenomenon, to "first think and then do"

first to do, including the following:

First of all, think about how to do, from where to start, and then hands-on. It can be said that the first analysis of the judgement, and then maintenance.

Second, for the observed phenomenon, as far as possible to consult the relevant information, see whether there is a corresponding technical requirements, the use of characteristics, and then according to the information, combined with the following to discuss the content, and then proceed with maintenance.

Finally, in the analysis of the process of judgment, according to their own knowledge, experience to make judgments, for what they do not know or do not understand, we must first to have experienced colleagues or your technical support engineer consulting, to seek help.

Third, in most computer maintenance judgments, must be "soft after hard:

that from the whole process of maintenance judgment, always judge whether the software failure, first check software problems, when the software environment is normal, if the failure can not disappear, and then proceed to check from the hardware."

Four, in the maintenance process to distinguish between primary and secondary, that is, "grasping the principal contradiction"

When you reproduce the symptom, you may sometimes see that there is more than one symptom of a fault, but there are two or more symptoms of failure (such as: No show during the boot process, but the machine is also started, and after the startup, Have the phenomenon of the crash, etc.), last, should firstJudgment, maintenance of the main fault phenomenon, when repaired, and then repair minor fault phenomenon, sometimes may be secondary failure phenomenon has no need to repair.

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