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We recommend that you use ubuntu desktop. Try to use the latest version and update it quickly. problems such as the old version may not be supported.

1. we recommend that you use ubuntu desktop. Try to use the latest version and update it quickly. problems such as the old version may not be supported.

2. how to install the ubuntu image? download a ubuntu image from the internet. there is a wubi installation tool in it. it's silly. let's look at the Chinese character.

3. enter the system after installation. (if not, go to drive C to find boot. ini to modify the system startup item). There are several shortcut keys: Ctrl + Alt F1 (F2 F3 .... f6) the command line mode allows you to switch between multiple users and use the system. To return to desktop mode, Ctrl + Alt + F7. To use the command line in desktop mode, press Ctrl + Alt + t.

4. several required commands: change the cd Directory, create a directory by mkdir, delete a directory or file by rm, create a file by touch, move or rename a file by music, and view the directory by ls; vi: edit files; sudo: change users; etc. find several commands to familiarize yourself with the command line. Vi is very easy to use, patient, and used to use it. For more information about vi/vim commands, see this document. If you are not careful about entering and exiting, use the following method: press ESC several times more and enter q !. Download the manual for other commands.
It is particularly emphasized that using rm with caution is hard to recover from the loss of rm! Especially with caution when using rm * or rm? Wildcard!

5. I know a few commands, that is, the installation program. Learn about several common suffixes. if it is a compressed file you know such as tar gz, use the tar command to decompress it, such as sudo tar zxvf xx.tar.gz (sudo is generally required to improve user permissions ); the most common command is the apt-get Command, which gets the software installation directly from the software source. the general command is sudo apt-get install soft. Install can be changed to updata or remove. if it is a deb suffix, it is developed on the basis of the Debian release. generally, dpkg (Package manager for debian, Debian Package manager) is used) install, create, and delete Debian software packages with the same usage as apt-get; and the installation package with the rpm suffix: The installation command rpm-ivh Linux-1.4-6.i368.rpm can be added-replacepkgs to replace the installed version, for other usage instructions, run man rpm.

The above scheme is enough. Another simple method is to directly use a software integrated in the system to install the software. double-click the software. When it comes to software sources, you can pick them up. Otherwise, the speed may be slow and pick a fast one. Method: Select system setings --> software source. Or enter here. In linux, many of them are command lines. try to use command lines whenever possible. try again without getting pregnant. you can reinstall the system at most (in fact, there are very few chances to reinstall the system). Don't be afraid.

6. In the end, a lot of information on the Internet is messy. we suggest you find the required information here. Very powerful, not explained.

7. it's very useful, really. The browser installs chromium, and many plug-ins continue to be used. QQ uses webQQ directly and Sogou cloud for the input method. if you want to install the local Chinese input method, we recommend that you use Fcitx. For more information, see the official tutorial, the reason for this is that I failed to use the tool after installing the tool by tutorial, so I also executed sudoapt-getinstallfcitx-tools. After getting used to it, the overall feeling is quite good. Most people who want to use linux are engaged in development, and the above is basically enough. Install gcc or lamp (introduced to all the websites mentioned above) to practice powerful vim or install dev c ++. The last thing you need is patience and familiarity. That's all.

8. for shutdown information, take a closer look at man shutdown. Or directly shutdown-h mm, mm time in minutes. Restart shutdown-r. Look at manual.

Ps: I have used some of my experience, but I have not explored it. I have made some progress by exploring some of my experiences in the afternoon!

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