"Basic Python Tutorial" chapter 3rd using string reading notes

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Chapter III: Using Strings

1. The string formatting operator is a percent percent

2. Only tuples and dictionaries can format more than one value. A list or other sequence is only interpreted as a value .

The 3.in operator can only find a single character in a string.

4. String method:

①find (): The Find method can find a substring in a longer string, which returns the leftmost index where the substring is located, and returns 1if it is not found . This method can also provide a range of starting and ending points (providing a second, third argument), a range containing the first index, but not a second index, which is a convention in Python .

②join (): This method is used to concatenate elements in a sequence (the elements in a sequence must be strings).

③lower (): Turns all letters in a string into lowercase letters .

④replace (): The function of finding and replacing , the first parameter is the substring being looked up, and the second parameter is the replacement string.

⑤split (): The inverse method of the Join method, and if the delimiter argument is not provided, all spaces are used as delimiters.

⑥strip (): remove The spaces on both sides of the string, Lstrip (), and Rstrip () to remove the left and right spaces respectively.

⑦translate (): The same as the function of the Replace method. However, only a single character is processed, and multiple substitutions can be made at the same time .

"Basic Python Tutorial" chapter 3rd using string reading notes

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