Basic Seo concepts: What are the basic elements for website creation?

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For the following content, refer to Google's suggestions for website administrators. The italic text is the annotation section.

Design and Content Guide

    • The website should have a clear hierarchy and text links. Each webpage should be accessible through at least one static text link.Text links are different from other methods such as JavaScriptCodeThe generated link. As shown in the following figure, "print" is not implemented through text links.
    • Provides a website map to list links to important parts of a website. If there are more than or about 100 links on a website map, you need to split the website map into multiple webpages.
    • The website should be practical and informative, and the webpage text should be clear and accurate.
    • Consider the words that the user will use to search for your webpage and make sure the text is indeed contained on the website.A deep understanding of this will benefit you a lot.
    • Try to use text instead of graphics to display important names, content, or links. Google's crawling tool cannot recognize the text contained in the image.Especially for friendship links, if you are providing PR and rankings, it is important to use text links.
    • Make sure that the description and expression of the title and ALT tag attributes are correct.Remember to add the alt description to the images on the webpage. This is a good place for you to put keywords.
    • Check whether the link is damaged and make sure that the HTML format is correct.Use the Google website administrator tool to check links to your website at any time. If any link is damaged, delete or correct the link.
    • If you decide to use a dynamic page (that is, the URL contains "? "Character), please note that not all search engine crawling tools can capture dynamic web pages like crawling static Web pages.It is helpful to shorten the parameter length and reduce the number of parameters on the dynamic page. We recommend that you use URL rewriting.Static Dynamic Link.
    • Limit the number of links on a specific webpage to a reasonable value (less than 100 links ).For example, the number of internal and external links on this page cannot exceed 100.

After the website is ready

    • Link other websites to your website.Is to find links.
    • Submit the site to Google with the URL:
    • Use sitemapGoogle website administrator tool. Google uses your sitemap to understand the structure of your website and increase the crawling rate of Your webpage.
    • Make sure that all websites on your web page know that your website is online.That is, the links to your website must be normal, not damaged.
    • Submit your website to related directories, such as Open Directory Project and Yahoo !, And other specialized websites in specific industries.



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