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Callout symbol:

single-line annotation
/*/multi-line annotation

Use of Quotes

' single quotes, without any sense, without any processing directly brought over;
"" Double quotes, PHP dynamic processing and then output, generally used for variables.

Variable form:

One is true;
The other one is false or false.

Common variable form:

string strings (digital \ Kanji \ etc.)
Integer integers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 0,-1,-2, etc.)
Double floating-point number (decimal point)
Array arrays
Object objects

The methods available are GetType ($mix) and Settype ($mix, $typename);

Common symbols

\ "Double Quotes
\ reverse Slash
\ n Line Change
\ r send out
\ t Hop bit (TAB)

Operational symbols

+ addition operation-subtraction operation
* Multiplication Operations/Division operations
% take remainder + + additive
--minus 1. Add strings

Set operation

= Put the value on the right to the left (must be)
+ = Add the right value to the left
-= reduce the value on the right to the left
*= multiply the value on the left to the right.
/= divide the value on the left to the right.
. = Add the right string to the left

Bit-Clerk operation

& and
| Or
^ Mutual exclusion (XOR)
<< left Shift
>> Shift Right
~ Take 1 of the complement

Logical operations

< less than > greater than
<= is less than or equal to >= greater than or equal
!= not equal to && and
|| Or! No

Other operational symbols

$ variable Symbol
Index of & variables (added to the variable before)
@ Do not display error message (added to function)
Methods or properties of the-> object
The element value of the => array
? : Ternary operator

Basic methods

1.PHP conversion string is case-insensitive!

Strtolower (); Turn characters to lowercase
Strtoupper (); Capitalize the character

2.PHP Encrypted string (case-insensitive)

MD5 (); encrypt
SHA1 (); encrypt

3. About Quotes

One, single quotation mark is the original output

Two, double quotes are content interpretation for output

Three, reverse single quotation marks is to execute a command, such as ' pwd '.

Four, "\" role in the translation of characters, such as "\ n" for line-wrapping!

4. Function: Htmlspecialchars ()

This function converts special characters into an HTML string format (&....;). The most commonly used occasions may be to deal with the message version of the customer message.

& (and) Convert to &
"(double quotes) into"
< (less than) turn into <
> (greater than) convert to >

This function converts only the special characters above, and does not convert all to the ASCII conversion specified by HTML.

5. Bulk Output HTML content!

Echo <<< EOT
HTML Output content ... Here the annotation still output!

Print <<<eot
HTML Output content ... Here the annotation still output!

(Note: Internal contains variables with "{variable}")

6. Determine if the file exists and output content

$FileName = "File.TXT";
if (file_exists ($FileName)) {
Echo "<xmp>". File_get_contents ($FileName). " </xmp> ";
Echo "No";

7. Unload variable unset;

Unset ($var);
Unset ($var, $var 1);


Detects whether a variable is an integer;


Detects whether the variable is NULL;


Detects whether a variable is a string


Alias for Is_float ()


Detect whether a variable is set


Detect whether a variable is a Boolean


Detects whether a variable is an array


Detects whether a variable is an object


SUBSTR (String,start,selectnum)
echo substr (' abcdef ', 1); Bcdef
echo substr (' abcdef ', 1, 3); Bcd
echo substr (' abcdef ', 0, 4); Abcd
echo substr (' abcdef ', 0, 8); ABCdef
echo substr (' abcdef ',-1, 1); F


echo nl2br ("foo isn ' t\n bar");

Turn the escaped newline into an HTML <br/>

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