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Microsoft Word 2013 is a word-processing program designed to help you create professional quality documents. Word helps you organize and write documents more efficiently.

The first step in creating a document in Word 2013 is to choose whether to start with a blank document or to use a template to do most of your work. After that, the basic steps for creating and sharing documents are the same. Powerful editing and reviewing tools can help you collaborate with others to make your documents perfect.

To learn more about Word 2013 's new features, see what's new in Word 2013.

Select template

Typically, it is easier to create a new document with a template than to start with a blank page. Word templates can use themes and styles. All you need to do is add content.

Each time you start Word 2013, you can select a template from the library, click a category to view the template it contains, or search for more templates online. (If you don't use a template, just click Blank Document.) )

To look at any template carefully, you can open a larger preview view with just a click.

Click Create to open a new Word document using the template.

Open Document

Each time you start Word, you will see a list of recently used documents in Zolezhan. If the document you are looking for is not there, click Open another document.

If you are already in Word, click File > Open, and then browse to the location of the file.

When you open a document that was created in an earlier version of Word, compatibility mode appears in the title bar of the document window. You can work with compatibility mode, or you can upgrade your document to use the new or enhanced features in Word 2013. For more information, see Using Word 2013 to open a document that was created in an earlier version of Word.

Save document

When you first save a document, do the following:

Click the Files tab.

Click Save As.

Browse to the location where you want to save the document.

Note To save the document on your computer, select a folder under Computer, or click Browse. To save your document online, select the location under Location, or click Add Location. When files are online, you can perform real-time sharing of files, provide feedback, and collaborate on actions.

Click Save.

Note Word automatically saves the file in the. docx file format. To save the document in a non. docx format, click the Save as Type list, and then select the file format you want.

To save the document while you continue working on the document, click Save on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Read the document

Opening a document in read mode hides most of the buttons and tools so that you can concentrate on reading without interference.

Open the document you want to read.

Note Some documents are automatically opened in read mode, such as protected documents or attachments.

Click "View" > "Reading Mode".

To move from one page to another page in a document, do one of the following:

Click the arrow to the left and right of the page.

Press the PAGE down and PAGE UP key or SPACEBAR and the Backspace key on the keyboard. You can also use the arrow keys or the scroll wheel on your mouse.

If you use a touch device, use your fingers to slide left or right.

Tip Click View Options and column widths to see the wider or narrower columns on the screen.


When working with others or editing a document yourself, enable Track changes to view each change. Word marks all additions, deletions, moves, and formatting changes.

Open the document you want to review.

Click Review, and then select tracked changes on the Change button.

Read "Tracked changes" or "remove tracked changes and comments" for more information.

Print a document

You can see how the document will look after it has been printed, set the printing options, and print the file, all of which can be done in one place.

Click the File tab, and then click Print.

Perform the following actions:

Under Print, in the number of Copies box, enter the number of copies you want to print.

Under printers, make sure that you have selected the printer you want.

Under Settings, the default print settings for the printer are selected for you. To change the settings, simply click the setting you want to change, and then select the new setting.

When you're satisfied with the settings, click Print.

For more information, see Printing and previewing your document.

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