Basis configuration flow after installation of SAP

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Basis configuration process after installation of SAP

After you install SAP, configure the process.

1. Upgrade kernel.

2.TCD Slicense:license Administration

Install > System Num. & License Key

3.TCD Stms:transport Management System

4.DDIC login, Password: 19920706

SU01, copy one of your own users from user sap*.

5. Install patch, ADD on:

Install the language pack first, and then install patches.

6.backup profile

7.TCD Rz10:edit Profile

TCD SA38 Query Program Rsparam to get the list of all available parameters in the system

RZ10, change some system parameters, for example:






icm/ "Settings hostname,bsp useful

The IDES system will pre-generate some profile, but it doesn't make any sense, so remove it and retrieve it again!

For profile configuration, note the following:

Assuming that modifying the profile is operating at the OS level, you need to be RZ10 aware of consistency. That is:

The OS layer modifies the profile and restarts sap so that the profile takes effect. You need to delete the current version profile in RZ10 and retrieve it (Import profile > of Active Server). After you perform this operation, The parameters in the OS layer profile can be written to the SAP system database.

If you do not perform a ' regain ' operation, when RZ10 modifies the current half of the profile, it will result in the loss of the profile that was modified on the previous OS. This is caused by inconsistent data.

Change profile: $SAP $\usr\sap\ewd\sys\profile


#--------Logon Client

Login/system_client = 800



Zcsa/installed_languages = 1E

Zcsa/system_language = 1

TCD Sgen:sap Loader Generator


Change profile: $SAP $\usr\sap\ewd\sys\profile


#-------disp, Backgroud------------

Rdisp/wp_no_dia = 6


Basis configuration flow after installation of SAP

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