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Many administrators complain that their work is too heavy and many settings require repetitive configuration. So is there any good way to automatically complete the settings? Now we will introduce the Batch Telnet settings, so this Batch Telnet can complete our Batch processing process. We found that VBscript can be used in windows to complete this job.

The following solutions:

First, we create a script named tel. vbs. Here is an example, which can be modified.

'Create Shell object

Set sh = WScript. CreateObject ("WScript. Shell ")

WScript. Sleep 1000

'Send the commands we input to telnet

Sh. SendKeys "open"

WScript. Sleep 1000

Sh. SendKeys "{ENTER }"

WScript. Sleep 1000

Sh. SendKeys "password {ENTER }"

WScript. Sleep 1000

Sh. SendKeys "en {ENTER }"

WScript. Sleep 1000

Sh. SendKeys "passord {ENTER }"

WScript. Sleep 1000

'Run the command

Sh. SendKeys "ls {ENTER }"

Then, create a batch. bat batch file:

Rem start telnet

Start telnet.exe

Rem batch telnet

Cscript // nologo tel. vbs

Finally, you only need to run batch. bat to easily create Batch Telnet. I believe that Telnet can be easily solved.

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