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I wanted to use "excellent". Later I thought it was just "qualified. My thoughts on recent work and study are broken and I will record them first.



Due to the habit of writing blogs, I wrote a lot of things about testing, which are often added to groups or directly by others.QqAsk questions. It may be because I wrote a lot of things! Most of the respondents will think that I have a high level, and then ask me what test I did? What tools are used? My answer is: mainly functional testing and some auxiliary tools will be used, suchFiddler. They are all disappointed.


As for my first job, I have explained in detail in "Work and study of a tester. The second job (current job) should be sorted out when I resign!

Here, we can briefly describe our current work situation. Although our testing staff are sitting together, each of us will have a long-term relationship with different projects. I have been using soy sauce for three months at work (wherever necessary ). Later, a big sister took maternity leave, and I took over the online storage service. Later, I was too busy. I recruited a new buddy to work with me. Work content:

Participate in demand Review-->Compile a test plan-->Write Test Cases-->Case Review (product and Development)-->Perform round tests after the project goes online (send an email to the test conclusion of each test round)-->After several rounds, there is no problem. The project's gray scale (equivalent to internal testing)-->After the grayscale test, access the entire network-->Generate Test Report.


Okay! Let me talk about the notes in this process:




DraftItWell, it is generally a typical man (I also belong ). In the Internet, they are both literary and angry. Know the status in the real work environment. I didn't have to say anything about the technology I used to know a draft of development, but I didn't have to say anything about the research spirit. I asked him a question. He was nervous about talking to me, and I had to worry about it. In the work, we must communicate with our superiors, develop, and communicate with our products. In this regard, we must pay attention to strengthening our work. In the demand review, I have to express my views on the product. Test-led meetings are used in case reviews. Therefore, you must have a clear and methodical review case. In the test process development or product validation issues, assist the development to locate problems need to communicate. Two words: calm and modest.


Case Design


A good test case covers more functional points with the most appropriate test cases. Some write cases are fine-grained, and hundreds of use cases can be written using several simple functions. The more detailed the writing, the more varied the requirements. Your use case is invalid directly. It is too rough to cover many functional points. In my opinion, it is necessary to consider comprehensively and use cases flexibly. It is difficult to consider a comprehensive approach, and people with rich experience will inevitably be confused. This can only be accumulated in the lessons of blood and tears. Spend more time researching the businesses and needs to be tested. Looking at the use cases written by others will also benefit a lot.

Use cases should be flexible. For example, I usually write fuzzy expected results such as "give the corresponding prompt" and "match the input content" in the expected results. It is his responsibility to design the specific development case. As long as it is reasonable and does not produce ambiguity, users can easily understand the design. I think it is correct. Of course, this may cause some trouble for the reading case. Also, if there are clear requirements for product requirements, you must make it clear.


Check your documents carefully


The most tedious task for testers is to write many documents, test plan documents, test case documents, test theory reports, test report documents, and acceptance plan documents for a project, I believe that you have been fully capable of this in your long-term work. What I want to say is carefulness. We are used to copying a modification in the previous document. This can save a lot of time, but it is also prone to errors. This is what I do, or forget to modify the date or data. Okay! As a tester, this shows a lot of discounts for their own capabilities. Don't underestimate this. You are advised to repeat the written documents twice.


Accumulate your technology


I am a little white in front of development. If I am a developer, I despise you! According to my current work, I need to be familiar with the system structure, the development language, and the database. In addition to the interface test function, I can check whether the database has been successfully stored, you can also modify the database data to view the preceding results. For example, I want to test the File Upload prompt after the network disk space is full. How many large file spaces do you need to upload when using the function? Simply change the file size in the database.

When operating on the front-end interface, check the server log to see if there is any error message. Server logs can also be used to locate or identify the cause of the problem.

Use multiple page analysis or packet capture tools. For example, if the button is invalidDebugTool to view the properties of this button on the page. Use the packet capture tool to check the request and response. In short, we attempted to dissect the system under test during the test.


After the problem is found


The most exciting moment for testers is discovery.Bug. When you findBugDon't rush to report to the defect management system or tell the developers. First, confirm the reproduction step. Try another system. Try another browser. Maybe you forget to clear the browser cache, causing a problem. Okay, you 'd better try to locate and resolve thisBug.

The second thing I want to talk about is that we should try to look at this problem from multiple perspectives and consider the impact of this problem from the perspective of users. View the severity and repair cost of the problem from the development perspective. Describe the impact of this problem on users. In this way, we can develop and establish a harmonious relationship.





Test what to learn


This is the second type of question that is frequently asked. I don't pay attention to it and seldom arrange work. What should I learn? To solve this problem, I divide the Knowledge System of testers into two parts: testing knowledge and software knowledge.

First, I would like to talk about testing knowledge. Many testers have not read any software testing books (I personally have also recently read a few books), because there are not many software testing majors in universities, the Training School pays more attention to practice and may not tell you too much theoretical things (I guess I have never trained ). Most of the testers are not from class. The test threshold is indeed not high. If you are familiar with it, you can directly perform the test. It is hard to learn basic theories, and it is necessary to spend too much time learning basic theories. Okay! This is why most people are disappointed and disdainful when I perform a functional test. Okay! I still think you should read some of the test books 《 [ Software Testing ] Ron Patton Full-Process Software Testing Paul C. Jorgensen "Effective performance testing -- Tested 50 Suggestions: Typical Software Testing Technology tutorial + The 2 If you do not know any books about software testing, why not Dangdang and China-Pub Enter the keyword "Software Test" to search?

Of course, if you are not interested in these technologies and want to learn more useful and seemingly powerful technologies, you can search for Performance Testing books, automated testing, unit testing, and exploratory testing, agile testing. However, I suggest you lay the foundation for testing! Even if there are more patterns and advanced technologies are used for testing, what is the essence of testing? That is the blind pursuit.

The other thing we need to learn is software knowledge, testing is for software, software engineering,Programming LanguageYou need to learn about architecture, network, and all development-related knowledge. There are many things to learn here, which do not require depth but breadth. During the demand review, developers sometimes talk about technical implementation, functional logic, internal processing mechanism, and architecture level. If you don't know how much it is, this knowledge is invisible to your testing behavior, your understanding of the tested system, and the depth of Problem Discovery. I have tried to use the "clothing mask scratching my head" for many times, but I don't know how to perform the development test. How do you feel about it!

Of course, everyone has their own knowledge architecture and learning path. Do not hesitate on which technology you want to learn, which technology has a future, and which technology has a high salary. Comparison! Look at variousTechnical CommunitySpeak to each other. It can only be endless complaints. No matter whether you learn or not, the technology is there, and your technology level does not increase or decrease. Of course, you cannot continue to study hard, so you should stop to summarize and think about it for a while. What route should I take? What other capabilities do I need to take? What else do I need to strengthen. Of course, you should also pay attention to future technical trends.





Responsibility determines value


Recently read51 Testing《Software testing: It's hard to love you. The author talks about software testing with the feeling of a tester who has been working for seven years.

One of the examples is quite profound. If you are a struggling tester, you still don't understand why testing is lower than development. The relationship between testing and development is no longer clear with nurses and doctors. Two of the most common positions in a hospital are doctors and nurses. Even an excellent professional nurse, the patient's illness cannot be cured. Similarly, a good tester cannot make software. There are a lot of famous doctors. Maybe you can name a few at will. Who can count the famous nurses in detail, except the pioneer Nightingale. I'm afraid it cannot be the last one. In fact, this is also the relationship between testing and development. Because of the different responsibilities, there are of course different levels.

There are existing values, hospitals cannot have no nurses, and software development needs to be tested. Okay! View your career correctly. Maybe you will turn to more valuable developers or architects. Or work without a side. I think most of them will continue to move on the test path. So try to maximize your value. Take a test team, a test instructor, or a few books to become a test expert and explore new technologies and models of testing. Now that you have chosen and love it, let's move on!




Agile Testing


Due to the recent project situation, the process is becoming more and more complex. In such a complicated process, the product quality is not well guaranteed, and the testing staff spend most of their time in various documents. So, start to understand agile testing. I also want to find the desired answer.

Agile testing puts forward higher requirements for testers. Testing is no longer a step in the process, but a high degree of integration into the entire project process. Maybe this can increase the value of testers, but you need to have enough capacity to meet it.

Definition of agile testers

In this way, we define agile testers: Professional testers, adapt to changes, cooperate well with technicians and business personnel, and understand the ideas of using test records and driving development. Agile testers often have excellent technical capabilities, know how to work with others to achieve automated testing, and are also good at exploratory testing. They want to understand what the customer is doing to better understand the customer's software requirements.



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