Be careful and careful when developing technology

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A few days ago, I had some accidents because I was not careful with others. I spent a whole day and one night repairing them. I felt a lot of emotion.

Technology is a kind of work that requires both care and attention. Being conscientious and careful is the embodiment of the sense of responsibility. What I understand is not only a means to support myself, but also something that reflects my own values, enriches myself, and gives myself a strong sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Many people, including myself, often do not feel this sense of accomplishment because they are not responsible for their work and do not work hard!

I read this book about Zeng guofan two days ago and learned some ideas and practices of Wen zhenggong. In this case, we can see "Five to": body to, heart to, eye to, hand to, mouth. However, all these mistakes are rejected by modern management, and I have only reached the point of my mind and mouth, but I have no hands. There are some things that I want others to do and cultivate by taking the opportunity, but I always leave the troubles to myself. Maybe I understand that Wen zhenggong's "5 to" is wrong.

In my recent intense work, I have been demanding high standards and want to make high-quality products and produce high-quality products. At the same time, I also feel a lack of knowledge, a serious lack! You must go to the bookstore on the 11th day and recharge your batteries.

The road is long, and it is under your feet. Let's go step by step ^_^

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