Be despised, and I shall endeavour to concentrate on a

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iOS basic classes will start tomorrow, before the group with Zou classmate asked some questions, he also live in the apartment, to his address, I went to his dorm to find him.

Two people talk very happy, only 25 years old, more than I see, talk generous level, chat with him qq someone sent him, I also want to test, so he gave me

Chat to our dorm, I said there are two smokers, back to the dorm is to play, do not learn ah, he said they play, we do not play, spell one months to see. One months, one months will know the result, is not this piece of material. Don't complain about the environment, the environment should not be your excuse for compromise.

I took the mobile hard drive up, the test to my computer, found a lot of will not, he asked me to do not, I said "a lot of not unsure", he said he is also, such as the problem of the macro he will not, I said "The pointer has not seen it"

He said, "It's not going to affect the entrance exam today."

These two words to see the gap came, encountered problems, genius think is to meet the difficulties, and I flinched, he said yesterday he saw video 2 o'clock in the morning, really spell ah, no wonder they learn more than I

People also added the development of iOS QQ group, not that you came to the Dark horse, to school, graduation can find a satisfactory job, can find work, but others are 15k, you look for 7k, why? How much Renfrew do you pay? Ask yourself, do you learn as hard as others? You are already behind the school, you are already running, you are still wandering. The same time, the same tuition, the same accommodation fee, you are not as good as others? I also want to test a driver's license, thinking about it, some no, not ashamed?

Roommates in the dorm play, because someone else computer major, have learned good? People on the double class good, double to score higher good?

Again came to school, I do not want to repeat the tragedy of the university, you want to do genius, if not pay the corresponding efforts, how can be the best

I changed QQ signature: Birds of a feather, flock together. I want to be with good people, but good people don't necessarily want to be with you, because when good people share things to you, what can you share with others? You're not talented, you're being despised.

What am I supposed to do?

1. Add iOS Development QQ Group

2. I'm stupid, I have to study hard.

3. Buy This programmer interview book, with the answer, brush the question

4. Add another classmate's QQ

5. In the dorm, other people do not learn because they are smart, others have the foundation, I have no foundation, I am not smart, so I want to spend more time to study, like I want to brush a few more teeth, I want to run the same, because I need to do this thing, and not on the others do not do, I will not do


Be despised, and I shall endeavour to concentrate on a

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