Be scolded by other programmers for being lazy! Not diligent! (Programmer's Day)

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Is this lazy programmer?

1) 7:20 Wake up
Get up from bed to 7:40 and brush your face.

2) about 8:00, and ran downstairs hurriedly.
Roadside stalls on the road to buy a meat bun 1 yuan A, while walking while eating, even run to the station.
Mom called, just at the traffic lights, directly hung up not to answer, in the mind, how this time call, which sometimes indirect.

3) About 8:20, finally rushed to the BRT bus station.
It will take about 10-30 minutes for the bus to squeeze in. The bus wants to use mobile phone to watch news information, but too many people, hand can only hold the handrail. If fortunately there is extra space to get out of the phone online, but the eyes are so sore, at least 16 a day to the screen, watching the screen on the eye sting.

4) about 8:50, get off at the station, even run out of the BRT, rushed to work building
The whole building is basically it company, the team will be more than 100 people, are programmers, all of them. Queue for at least 5-10 minutes or so to get on.

5) 9:05 reach the office.
Start the day busy, modify, do new features new platforms/tweaks/optimizations for the features you have done ... Anyway, I can't finish the work.
Your eyes won't leave the screen unless someone is looking for you or wants to wash your face in cold water.

6) 12:20 is not finished, colleagues pull to eat lunch
Have a meal and have lunch. At lunch, you can hear the programmer sitting next to you.
The busier the programmer, the faster the speed, the people who do not know that the woman is swearing or in the thought of speaking Japanese.

7) Lunch after 12:40
Return to the queue and other elevators, up about 13:00, and then this is the only free time, think of the bank card last Test payment function password error caused by the lock, go downstairs to the bank to transact. Another colleague, also a programmer, is tapping the keyboard with a serious look. Ran to the bank to get good, asked incredibly to wait at least 1.5 hours, or return, pushed to week 6th to get.

8) 13:30 Lunch Break sleep

9) 13:58 Lunch break ends, wash a face

Start the afternoon job

10) 18:00 personnel finance begins work

Personnel finance has been off duty, programmers work at night has only just begun. Overtime to 19:00~22:00, usually not 7 points 30 before leaving.

19:00 mom called to ask for work, "Nothing is like this, hung up, very busy."

11) 19:30 new assignment until tomorrow, off duty.

The belly is already very hungry, go to dinner, ready to eat early, do not know now those fast food hall has not closed.

12) 20:20 walk to the BRT station, waiting for the bus

13) 20:40 wait for the BRT and the bus that can be jammed.

Take a bus when you want to get out of the phone on the net, a few minutes to see the eye pain. Holding on and watching, the pain began to sting. Quickly turned off the phone. Rub your eyelids with your hands, incredibly swollen and thick and swollen.

14) Get off at 21:30, then walk 30 minutes to the residence (including climbing time)

15) 22:10 put down the bag, boot, open the mobile phone QQ, lying on the bed on the phone, see the news.

16) 23:30 Internet time too fast, suddenly on 12 points, but still no rest enough, shoulder pain, exercise a shoulder to spend 5 minutes.

17) Start the computer around 23:39. Take a look at your e-mail and see the news about it. If you are free, study the program, but too tired to study.

18) 01:00 to continue to change their procedures, not particularly sleepy, but the waist of the pain is too late, ready to start the rest.

19) 01:30 Wash

20) Start sleeping around 02:00

21) 07:10 Alarm Clock ringing


This kind of life always feels tired, the work time is too long, needs the high concentration energy. Every time tired can not help in the CSDN forum post complaining, are almost sprayed to death.

Most of the replies said too lazy, or simply did not do the programmer's talent, not suitable for ...

In another non-programmer's forum, the same life time distribution of their own posted out, most people reply is that you can never jump out of this, warm water boiled frog.

Most people's mind, busy as if doomed to succeed, busy on a certain wage, busy will be affirmed by others.

As everyone knows, busy will only make information stuffy, isolated, busy and not get, a road busy to the old die.

Be scolded by other programmers for being lazy! Not diligent! (Programmer's Day)

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