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Handan City has a unique natural environment. It is located in the Taihang Mountains in the west, along with the yanyang River in the east. The terrain is high in the northwest and low in the Southeast. The Central Hills are fluctuating and the basin is staggered; in addition, daniu River, qinhe River, Luohe River, and wuyuan River flows through the urban area (all belong to the yanyang River Tributary). Abundant Water Conservancy resources provide excellent conditions for agricultural production.


The unique natural environment and long history make Handan city have rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural landscape. Cishan cultural heritage, one of the earliest cultural heritage sites in China, has a history of more than 7500 years. It was founded in Beiqi, and has preserved the North-South xiangtang Grottoes from Beiqi to Yuan and the Ming Dynasty, with more than 4300 statues; the ruins of Zhao Wangcheng, the palace of Zhao guogong, were handed over to the Wuling congtai where Zhao Wang watched military drills. Here, the pavilion is simple and has now become a park. There is also an important revolutionary memorial site-Jinji Luyu martyrs cemetery, the cemetery is buried with more than 100 revolutionary martyrs who have sacrificed for the country. In addition, there are scenic spots such as the eyebrow pool, carriage return Lane, and jingniang Lake.


The "mengcheng", "Zhao yuan", and "guzhao Street" Antique Buildings project will show visitors the style of the ancient art. During the long cultural development process, Handan became a "hometown of idioms ", many historical allusions, such as "", "huangliang dream", "Hu server riding and shooting", and "Mao su ", all occur here. In historical records, there are also stories such as "returning to Zhao", "gathering in the pool", "connecting the future and" connecting the future.


Handan has its reputation as a hometown of idioms, and its name is an integral part of some idioms, such as "Lu xuebu" and "Lu jiubo Handan ". In addition, there is a category that contains the meaning of Handan, such as "Wei rescue Zhao" and "returning to Zhao ". Some people have made incomplete statistics. As many as 50 idioms have been generated in Handan, and hundreds of idioms have been involved.
The idioms generated in Handan are still traceable to the present, such as the return lane of the South Street in the old city. It is said that Zhao's superiors have avoided the integrity of general. The story from the history book's record on the two was "Furious", "two tigers fighting", "Sorry for the bid", "The Battle of the neck", and "the value of the city. The ruins of Zhao Wangcheng in southwest Handan city were once the ruins of Zhao Guo's Wang city. During the period from the construction to the burning of July 158, Zhao Guo witnessed the rise and fall of honor and disgrace and staged a live drama of internal affairs and diplomacy, it also leaves many idioms. For example, the idiom "Touch Dragon said Zhao taihou" is "arrogant" and "seeking for the end ".
Why are there so many idioms in Handan? I'm afraid I have to start with this ---
The first is written idioms recorded in historical documents, which come from fables; the second is from mythology or other legends; the third is from historical events, which are also referred to as allusions; and the fourth is from the famous sentences of works. Handan has a long history and is the capital of Zhao Guo during the Warring States period. It is the birthplace of Zhao culture. In the 181 s, the guzhao National Chao created Mingjun xianxiang and yingshuai Liangzhu, such as Zhao Wuling Wang, Yan Xiangru, Lian Po, Zhao luxury, and Li Mu, and became the military and economic power of the Warring States Period, as a result, many idioms with historical events as the main source have been formed.
Wang xiongcai, Zhao Wuling, kept pace with the times and ordered "Sui Hu Wei, Zhao Qixing", which gave rise to the story "Hu Wei Qixing ".
Zhao was the first man in the field, and he boldly punished the family of pingyuan, who relied on the anti-Rent Scheme. He left the idiom "abide by the law ". Zhao was later a general, defeated Qin Jun in the war, and was banned as a horse server. Although there will be no such thing, Zhao Kuo, his son, is familiar with the military book, but he is not enough. In the battle of Qin Zhao Changping, Zhao ke succeeded in serving as the successor and gave up the attacker with a light attack, resulting in the loss of the 0.4 million largest army. The idiom "talking on paper" was produced ".
Zhao shengis the Wang family of Zhao zhiwang, who has been praised by taishi gong for a long time ". However, at the crucial moment of the country's decision-making, the Battle of Qin and Han has evolved into a battle of Qin and Zhao for the sake of greed for the Party's 17th city. Idioms such as "Marry and curse" and "Ignorance" appear in the evaluation of him.
Long Ping's post-war Handan was in a hurry, and he was ordered to make Chu. Mao suo volunteered to follow the door. As for Chu, Mao Sui saw that the negotiations on pingyuan June were not essential. Then he took the stage by the sword and generously stated to Chu Wang the benefits of the fight against the Qin Dynasty, prompting Chu to send troops to solve the encirclement of Handan. In this regard, a series of idioms such as "self-Recommendation", "stand out from the crowd", "make things happen to everyone", "a single word", and "a three-inch tongue" emerged.
Zhao Guo, who was in the Warring States Period, was called the "country of four battles". Handan was besieged and in danger. The idiom "potential for profit" produced in the story of reducing the number of retired troops makes "Wei rescue Zhao" unique.
Handan is also the birthplace of many sub-schools and cultural and historical miscellaneous arts. The idiom "open-source and throttling" comes from "Xunzi". Handan in the Tang Dynasty has evolved from flourishing to fading. However, Shen Zhiji's ghost novel "pillow" still leaves the idiom "pillow. From the source, these idioms can be viewed as the work name sentence.
The long history and splendid culture of a famous city often complement each other. It seems that the rich culture accumulated from the depths of history is a fertile land that produces idioms and allusions.

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