"Beautiful View"

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When we are old, will the circle of friends become like this ...

Imagine,50 years later in 2065, we are all old, if there is still a circle of friends, how will we write?

Today is Lao Zhang's funeral, Lao Li's in the next Monday.

Recently like to listen to Zhou Xiaolun song, one of which is still his grandfather Jay's song.

Another birthday, the son sent me a iPhone50, but I do not think 6s good-looking.

At noon a bit of graduation photo, many people haven't seen, there are many people can not see.

Mobile phone, turned over these decades, it is found that many friends have not been updated for a long time ...

The child is being told the pride of his youth, suddenly blurred eyes, a teardrop shed, because this scene also appeared in their own childhood.

On the television saw the young idol, shouted loudly: "Wife you look!" "After a long while to remember, she has gone almost a year."

The morning sun is still warm, I will be accustomed to turn around to call you up to bask in the sun, but turned to stop silence, incredibly you are not in many years I still do not get used to.

Used to think that the days are very long, time is very slow, walking to find out, will soon go to the end of life. When you have a chance, don't forget to cherish and be thankful for everyone around you.

"Beautiful View"

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