Beauty live web Flash push stream for network HD live

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Everyone is on stream, and everybody can share it with the live platform to see and focus. In particular, the current beauty live show application, can be said to be in the hot. Many platforms are in the beauty show live, the slogan is different, and all original aim. So look at the mainstream live show platform:

Six rooms: Super-fire Entertainment live Platform

Xiuse Live network: Live video chat room

Thousand sails live: massive sexy female anchor platform

Cool Show Live: Live female host video broadcast

Iqiyi Art Qixiu: Online interactive entertainment community; The highest-level live streaming platform

Sina Show: The largest live video community

Through these slogans, there are no lack of summed up the features of these platforms: entertainment, live, beautiful, interactive, real, community.

Today we do not discuss the popularity of these live shows, but to introduce the beautiful women Live application software technology: Web Flash Live rtmp streaming + Streaming media Server system distribution + watch terminal receive watch.

Live Streaming Mode:

    1. Launch the live push stream software to set up, push the camera's live signal data to the streaming media server for publishing. This way you need to know some of the settings and basics of live push streaming. You can select the 800li Live encoder software, or you can choose adobe Flash Media live Encoder to encode the push stream.
    2. Web page Web Flash push stream, set default fixed bitrate, resolution, frame rate, just choose to push streaming live camera and publish live video device. It can be said that a press release to start live.

To summarize the two ways, from the scene of the beauty of the host, it is definitely the second way more appropriate.

Implementation method: Flash call webcam push streaming + streaming media server distribution

Workflow: Flash calls the local camera to push the stream when live, so that the camera + text interactive live.


L easy to operate, easy to get started, no need to install the client, the host can almost be mastered

L Low video bitrate, generally around 300k, push-end network can cope with

Low video bitrate and lower storage and distribution bandwidth costs


L Flash push Stream supports up to Baseline/main encoding

Beauty live web Flash push stream for network HD live

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