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The United States map affixed to Android 1.2.0 new "Constellation Control", "Weather fine" two theme materials, by a lot of the love of the US map control, now, the United States map stickers iphone version 1.2.0 also new online! In addition to the new version of the interface with Android, the update adds three main themes, "Constellation Control" , "Weather clear" and love "Grazer" sister can not miss the "photosynthesis" theme material, first to experience under it!

A new version of the interface

▲ Figure 1

Like the Android version of 1.2.0, this time the beauty of the iphone version of the 1.2.0 on the interface has also been a new revision, unified transformation as a "four Sudoku", the function of the square looks more stylish sense. The "Settings" button on the upper right also adjusts to the lower right corner, in addition, the gradient color background tone with the top of the lace pattern bar than the previous simple vertical interface background looks more fresh and sweet, in the interface of the design on a lot of kung fu it!

Two. Add three main theme materials

▲ Figure 2

The new three theme materials for the study of the constellation of the MM are essential "constellation control" material, can represent your mood Yin Qing round lack of "weather clear ℃" theme material, and "flower control" should be very like the "photosynthesis" material, usually like to keep some flowers in their own flowers, MM, this time can be directly to them " Moved to "their big head paste on the!"

"Constellation Control" theme material

▲ Figure 3

Are you a leading "Aries" or a Perfect "Virgo", or a mysterious, stubborn Scorpio? No matter what constellation you are, here you can find the root of your constellation matching the bulk of the material Oh! Constellation Control "They quickly to build your constellation Big Head Bar ~

"Weather clear ℃" theme material

▲ Figure 4

What will the weather be like tomorrow? It's rainy or sunny. The United States map affixed to the iphone version of 1.2.0 added "weather clear ℃" theme material so that your big head stickers can also express different weather for you.

"Photosynthesis" theme material

▲ Figure 5

If you also like to raise flowers at home, then believe that your first glimpse of this group of "colorful" theme of photosynthesis will be very happy, not only flowers, green leaves, even fertilizers have a ~ but here's the will look very cute ha!

Three. Sweet and lovely effect chart you can also have

After reading the three new theme materials, do you start to press your heart? Don't worry, the beauty of the picture stick to show the spokesperson yummy present body demonstration, new theme material you can play like this!

▲ Figure 6

Small basin Friends Use this group of "weather clear ℃" theme material appears Meng burst, but the beauty figure spokesperson yummy personally demonstration in addition to have lovely, Meng, and Lori's sweet ~ on the basis of material decoration add some text, completely can when the cover picture Oh!

▲ Figure 7

Finally, the United States to paste the iphone version of the 1.2.0 "photosynthesis" theme material, although the waiting time is a bit longer, but a lot of such a lovely series of material is also quite worth it! Floret, grass, watering, sowing and fertilizing ... In your big head on the beginning of the hard work of the "work" Ah ~ like green plants are almost unbearable it!

The above is the United States to paste the iphone version of the 1.2.0 update content, jealous for a period of time the fruit powder are sure to be eager to try the effect, then quickly into itunes download it!

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