Beauty Mito How to do jigsaw puzzle making tutorials to share

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To the U.S. Mito software users to detailed analysis of the puzzle to share the production of the tutorial.
Tutorial Sharing:
Let's look at the heart-shaped effect of "beauty Mito":

From near, and then close, the photograph is like the distance between two people who love each other, love each other, but is separated from the distance, but only the heart of love two lessons are very close. Let's take a look at how to make it:
Software name: American Mito v3.8.0 Official edition
1, under the "Beauty Mito" software to open a picture of TA. Go to the "Jigsaw" menu and choose "Free jigsaw" mode.

2, jump to the "free puzzle" interface, drag and drop the Blue Marquee resize photos and location, click on the left side of the Add Picture button, continue to choose the same photo.

Creating a heart-shaped couple photo
3, will add in the same photo from small to large array and put half heart shape. When you're done, click Add photos and add your photos here.

4, the same size and position of the photo, to put the other half heart shape. Both sides try to keep the same, so that after the completion of a complete heart Oh!

5, after the good shape, we can choose any picture on the right when the background, you can also click on the "Change the Background" button, select the computer's favorite pictures as the background.

More decorative pictures with more love
6, still think the screen is some empty and old-fashioned? Then go to the "Jewelry" menu, under the "Love" category to choose a material to decorate the picture. After adding remember to adjust the good size and angle, only and the photo heart shape with good will be good-looking oh.

7, still feel that simple pictures can not express your feelings for him? then enter the Text menu and enter the text you want to write. We are using static text here, enter the text color set to match the background of dark green.

It's done! Seemingly complex pictures, made to do is only a few steps to the mouse point to complete. Let's take a look at the ultimate effect.

Puzzle template Simple Pass the mind
Of course, you can also according to their own ideas into other heart-shaped patterns, different graphics and backgrounds combined out of the picture has not the same feeling oh.

And oh, if you do not want to use your head, then simply a super simple heart-shaped puzzle template, just according to the lattice replacement photos, the effect is very good oh!

Just go to the "Puzzle" menu, select "Template Puzzle", select this heart-shaped template, double-click each scene to replace the photo.

Well, the above information is a small series to the United States and Mito of this software users brought the detailed puzzle of the production of the full content of the tutorial to share, you see the users here, small knitting believe you are very clear about the process of making the bar, then you go to follow the small series of the tutorial themselves to try the effect of it.

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