Beauty Mito How to rob the mirror sundry to rob the mirror sundry course share

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To the U.S. Mito software users to detailed analysis to share a lesson to rob the mirror debris tutorial.
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Figure 1
The Trash can? Not only is gone, but also the missing road is perfect to repair! Then look down:
1, first in the software to open the street to be treated to take photos, into the "Landscaping" menu, click on the "Elimination of the pen" will be sundries, the initial elimination of debris, repeatedly try several times more effective.

US Mito Tutorial Figure 2
2, because of the complexity of the environment around the complex, so the elimination of pens can not be removed clean, then hurriedly entered the "Beauty" menu, click "Eliminate black circles-take color pen", click to select the pen in the debris around the color, with a transparency of 100% brush cover debris, further debris removal clean

Figure 3
3, after the two steps have been basically removed debris. But the original location of the debris is not natural, at this time still in the "elimination of Black Eye", the use of color pen to take pictures on the left side of the surface of the mosaic traces, coated to the road surface unnatural Road, where the need to be patient to restore the missing road.

Figure 4
4, repaired the road surface splicing traces, first will save the picture to the computer standby. Then return to the "Landscaping" menu with "pull the drawing pen-automatic drawing" will be repaired on the right side of the road to pick it down. and save the plucked picture in PNG format to your computer.

Figure 5
5, the next step in the pick and save the PNG image into the software, select "Landscaping-Foundation" in the "noise" effects two times, so that the surface of the particles more closely closer to the real ground effect. Then save it to the computer again in PNG format.

Figure 6
6, before you open the computer to save the characters, click the right button to select "Insert a picture", the previous step into the computer PNG format Picture Import, adjust the 100% size placed in the original position, and right to select the merged material.

Figure 7
7, finally, the choice of "landscaping-lomo" in the category of transparency of 50% "rock", "HDR" special effects, simply adjust the appropriate street-beat tone, it is done!

Figure 8
Well, the above information is small make up to you the United States and Mito of this software users to bring detailed to grab the mirror debris of the tutorial to share all the content, you see the users here, the removal of debris to restore the original image of beauty, is not difficult? And we're dealing with a big street racket, More difficult, so need the patience of the combination of "eliminate the pen" and "eliminate black eye" two functions oh, we go to follow the small series of the tutorial themselves to try the effect bar.

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