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All-in-one video converter is a free video segmentation software, which is a free software, but also the package teaches you how to split the video, no longer worry about getting the software do not know where to start. Video segmentation interception: This function is mainly to intercept video length, such as can be cut off the front of the video ads, video at the end of the lengthy tidbits, or the video shot in the middle of a gap can also be cut off. There are two methods of interception: the first is the direct input of the accurate starting time value interception, the second is to drag the left and right interval button interception.

As you can see in the 2nd step of using the diagram above, you can crop and edit the video in the video editor. Let's follow the instructions of the Use and Operation Wizard, step by step!

First add the video to the software, the raccoon nest all-in-one video converter can split the video into multi-segment output at once. Want to divide the video into several paragraphs, when adding video, add a few times the source video, such as I want to divide a video into 3 paragraphs, then I will add 3 times the source video.

Select the first source video in the list, then click on the "video Edit" button to go to the capture option in the Video editing window and enter the start time of the first video clip to be split in the box after the start time and end time. For example, I want to split the source video from 5 minutes, then the first split fragment start time is 00:00:00.000 to 00:05:00.000.

Click OK to go back to the main interface, then split the second fragment. Select the second source video and follow the above method, for example, I want to split the second fragment from 12 minutes, then the second fragment starts at 00:05:00.000 to 00:12:00.000.

Here I believe everyone understands it, don't need me to say it, the start time of the third fragment is 00:12:00.000 to the end. After the three fragments have been intercepted, go back to the main software interface and rename each fragment to make it easier to differentiate.

Then you can select the video format and convert the output video clip. Click the Inverted triangle button at the back of the preset scheme to go to the selection video format, at the bottom of the software output directory, you can also set the location of the video clip.

After each file there is a conversion progress bar, we can clearly see how much the file has been converted, when the progress bar reaches 100%, it means that all the files have been converted successfully.

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