Beckham _ php + redis combination

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: This article mainly introduces the combination of Beckham _ php + redis. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, please refer to it.

Php_redis type combination

1. type combination description

As described in the previous article, we know that redis has built-in data types such as string, set, list, and hash.

The unordered set is used as an example to describe it.

A summary of set1 in a set

1. the following figure shows that set1 contains four elements: A, B, C, and D.

2. according to the previous understanding, the elements of a set are of a single type. Generally, they are strings. What if the element of the set is of another type? Such as list, hash, or set? Is redis also supported?

II. combined use of verification types

1. source code example

2. in the example, if type1 is set, an element is stored and the element is of the list type.

3. verification results

Visit the browser to see

Redis terminal view


Source code

Php_redis Chinese user manual

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The preceding section describes the combined use of the Beckham php + redis type, including the following content. I hope my friends who are interested in the PHP Tutorial will be helpful.

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