Beginner programming Tips for Newbies to update (python)

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Citation I was learning programming from last year (Python), and still in the introductory phase. The reason why my entry stage is so long, I think there are several reasons: first, no choice of teaching materials

At first I read the concise Python tutorial, and most of the concepts in the book are simple enough to be considered as a basic understanding. Then do a network online tutorial, blindly emphasize the grammar rules, anti-sleep boring, like to do in the blanks. Then, after watching the tutorials on udacity, I found that Python could have done so many interesting things, and that was a lot of interest. But the course on the udacity is just a few small projects that are ideal for developing interest when you start learning. Then, I found the "learn Python the Hard way", think that this is what beginners should contact. The author not only emphasizes a lot of important concepts, but also points out the pitfalls that many beginners are prone to fall into, such as operating systems and text editors.

Ii. listen to other people's suggestions

Of course not to say that you can't listen to other people's advice, I mean don't listen to too many suggestions. Most of the authoritative advice is certainly valuable, but the novice has to distinguish his advice is not suitable for the novice, if I have seen the Kanki on the beginning of this programming guide, then I will take a lot less detours. And my experience is this, when I struggled with the operating system, I went to the operating system recommendations, and then fell into the Linux pit, from the virtual machine, Linux version, command line, software configuration ... Each of these items takes a lot of time. Then I began to tangle with the editor, and went to find suggestions, tried a variety of editors, each has more or less a variety of problems. Supporters of each tool list a variety of advantages. But you don't know which one you are fit for, and you can only try to waste your time in the end.

Three, too little time to invest

This is my own problem, but if it is necessary to find some excuses can be found, for example, did not have the wrong brain to choose a professional, have a girlfriend ... But recently the situation is much better, I have completely abandoned the study of professional courses, focusing on only three things a day: Reading, English, programming.

My advice.

Here are some suggestions for new novices than I have experienced over the past year (only for the introductory phase):

First, why learn to program?

Before you start learning to program, ask yourself this question. What is a study without a goal? Cultivate your mind and exercise your intellect? Whether you want to develop an app, do a website, or find a job to earn money. In short, there must be a goal. This is the premise for you to keep going.

Second, the operating system

Don't change Linux from the start, as a novice programmer, Windows is enough.

Third, the editor

With notepad++. Don't ask why.

    1. tab tab settings are converted to spaces.
    2. Run shortcut key set to F5.
    3. The language style depends on your preference.
    4. Other settings by default, after learning for a period of time according to the need to change settings.
    5. Don't change tools until you know what features you need.
Iv. Tutorials

Look at what the experts say, don't look at too many suggestions. Kanki, for example, is a good guide to getting started. The answer to the technical question can only be seen in the high ticket.

Five, how to persist?

Review your goals regularly to see if they are realistic and capable of achieving them. Give up immediately if you feel you can't, don't waste your time. Mentally immature people go to read more books (of course, bad books useless), and so on to talk about persistence. For those who are mentally sound, my advice is:

    1. Abandon recreational learning.
    2. Do your own small projects of interest.
    3. Use pen and paper to do task management.
    4. Stay away from media and social networking sites.
    5. Simplify lifestyle and interpersonal relationships.
    6. Only half a day of rest and entertainment a week.
Vi. Other

Learn honestly and don't go to the same blog (like me ...). )。 What ideas to write their own computer, and so into a calf to send out, the calf should be relieved to eat grass grew up. Slow down, don't worry.

Beginner programming Tips for Newbies to update (python)

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