Beginner quick learning JavaScript free tutorial resource Summary

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Beginner quick learning JavaScript free tutorial resource Summary

This article describes how to quickly learn JavaScript free tutorial resources for beginners. It is a very good learning site. If you need it, you can refer to it.

JavaScript is familiar to everyone, but only a small number of people know how to use it and how to build applications. This "small part" of people refer to the talented young people, network programmers, and IT professionals. But for a newbie or layman, "JavaScript" is just another term in complex computer programming. So what is JavaScript? If you have experience in the computer field, you must never miss out on powerful JavaScript.

It is the most popular Web Page scripting language. It is also widely used in game development and the creation of desktop and mobile applications. In addition, the drop-down navigation, visual effects, data verification, and many other basic website features can be implemented through JavaScript. Of course, this is a general summary, and there are still many specific capabilities. At present, JavaScript has already created many outstanding application achievements in the field of computer technology. The addition of jQuery and Ajax among other elements further expands the application scope of JavaScript.

Therefore, if you want to develop interactive web pages and applications, JavaScript is an indispensable tool.

Step 1

If you have made up your mind to learn JavaScript, the most valuable fortune it can bring is interesting learning processes, valuable career prospects and future development plans. However, friends who are new to JavaScript often find that some of the content is not easy to grasp. It is of course the best choice to learn more through online video tutorials. Although some online courses are expensive, many of them are completely free of charge! You have heard of it. It is such a good thing that you can master important programming knowledge without spending money. In today's article, we will learn about the top ten free tutorial resources, from which you will be able to learn about JavaScript For free, convenient, and efficient.

1) w3schools

W3Schools is an outstanding website that helps you learn JavaScript applications online for free. The tutorial covers the basics and advanced topics of the JavaScript language. Each section in the tutorial allows the learner to perform operations by hand and immediately see the results of his operations in JavaScript.


The Learn JS website provides a large number of online tutorials to help beginners Learn JavaScript from scratch. It can directly run JavaScript code in a Web browser, so even if JavaScript has not been installed, you can directly experience it. All in all, this website is highly concerned with all aspects related to JavaScript programming, so it is worth your time to study carefully.


Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) brings together a large number of JavaScript beginner's guides and other learning resources. The online tutorial contains three parts: Elementary, intermediate, and advanced. After the course, you will surely be able to learn a lot of basic knowledge necessary for JavaScript programming.

4) about tech

The About Tech website provides JavaScript-related online learning solutions for beginners. This online series of tutorials can help you build professional knowledge from scratch, so as to guide you to get the ability to write your own JavaScript programs.


CODEAVENGERS is an ideal online environment for JavaScript learning. The courses they provide are both interesting and in-depth. This is especially true because every tutorial chapter they have designed can guide learners to build games and applications that can actually run and use this as the result of JavaScript learning in each class. In this way, you can master the very practical programming technology. Please believe me, CODEAVENGERS is definitely worth a try!

6) codeacademy

The Codeacademy website has a rich set of interactive tutorials, and is deeply rooted in the JavaScript discipline. Its entry-level course integrates JavaScript Functions with other programming concepts for your understanding and understanding.

7) LearnVisualStudio

This is an absolutely beginner-oriented website, and it is definitely worth your attention. The online video tutorials are divided into 21 sets, which will guide learners step by step to learn more about the basic knowledge of JavaScript, including getting tools, writing code, and other things. In addition, the JavaScript course breaks down each concept and provides video materials, so that learners can search for corresponding content and focus on the relevant information they need to know. After the course, you should have learned various JavaScript concepts and knowledge related to Web games, enhanced user interfaces, and dynamic Web pages.

8) Eduonix

The Eduonix website provides the easiest-to-understand online video tutorials to help beginners easily enter the JavaScript world. Since various online lectures are created by industry experts, the complete tutorial will fully explore the concepts of JavaScript in a simple way.

9) Alison

Here, you can find a free dedicated online course that focuses on JavaScript and jQuery. This tutorial covers various major topics under JavaScript, including testing, functions, objects, arrays, loops, condition codes, executors, and syntax basics. In addition, it provides professional knowledge related to Ajax and jQuery.

10) Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems provides one of the most advanced online JavaScript learning courses available, tailored to the actual needs of beginners. Therefore, if you are a Web developer who intends to study JavaScript in depth or want to learn JavaScript programming from scratch, this tutorial covers all aspects you need to know about JavaScript.


Now you have the above options. You can choose the most suitable tutorial solution based on your in-depth understanding. All in all, there are a lot of learning websites on the Internet, which can help you easily master JavaScript-related professional knowledge. In other words, as long as we come up with a tough learning spirit and persistent passion for knowledge, we will be able to train ourselves into outstanding developers. If you have already opened several new pages while reading this article, congratulations-you have taken a solid first step on your learning path. Comrades, this is the best time to start learning-Don't hesitate. Let's go ahead on the road to enriching ourselves!

The above is all the content of this article. I hope you will like it.

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