Beginner's book: You may encounter problems when buying links

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Enhance the site weight and site PR, buy links is a good choice, especially for the new station, the purchase of links brought by the effect can not be underestimated. Today, the tip of the iceberg to share with you about the purchase of links how to choose quality links?

First, where to buy the link?

Selling links is nothing but the company and the webmaster. Major webmaster site as long as there are links to check the location of the sale of links to the ads, the same as long as there are exchange links QQ Group has sold links. Advertising sells links to companies such as the golden Chain, the wealth chain, and many more. QQ group words they will take the initiative to find you, very direct ad.

Second, high PR must be good?

Links to the selling point of the main PR value, especially high PR more people covet. But high PR must be good? The result is negative. Especially for the new station, if you go to buy PR high link, such as PR5 above, you may be the search engine penalty, a trust based on the rules. So the new station is best to start from PR3 around to buy, and so their weight to improve, and then slowly buy higher links.

Third, the single chain is good or combination chain good?

I personally feel that the chain is good, because only the pay chain, I will choose to be more careful, but this is more time-consuming. Combination chain words, save time and effort, cheap, top-level domain wide, but the quality of the link is uneven, and we do not have time to see the good or bad of all stations, the key is still bad check off the chain.

Four, buy a good link to the home page or the whole site link good?

Many sites are links to the whole station, for links, the price of the whole station will be higher than the home page, is generally twice times less than. The advantage of the whole site link is that your Yahoo back chain will slowly increase, but the top-level domain is unchanged, the disadvantage is that when your link stops, Yahoo back chain will also be reduced slowly. The link of the whole station best can last for a long time some better, the other question is not big.

Five, how much is the export quantity?

Buy links When you will find links are sold well, exports have more than 100, more than 200. But does this mean that the weights are not dispersed? Disperse is affirmative, this is unavoidable, so 100 of the following links is less, have encountered 100 of the following links to the station suitable words you can buy, but later its link will be broken hundred, so, buy first.

Six, what do you buy a link to have a lot of sifu links to do?

This phenomenon is unavoidable, because they can not change the link, only buy, we all buy, so it will hit. Does this have an effect on our station? I don't know, but my subjective view is that there will be no impact, because if sifu, then buy links will no longer have a market or Sifu will not buy links. But now in fact Sifu can buy links.

The above by Fuzhou Modern maternity Hospital, reproduced please do not delete chain.

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