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Ajax Cross-domain restrictions
Browser is not allowed to cross the domain XMLHttpRequest, even domain, sub-domain different, and can not, like Flash Player. With domain and sub-domain, different port, there is no limit. As far as local tests are connected to any domain, IE allows Firefox to be allowed. To solve the cross domain restrictions, the common aspect is, as with Flash, the use of some server-side proxy programs to load the data across the network.

The whitespace question of XmlNode
That is, the flash inside must add a sentence of ignorewhite=true, to prevent XmlNode space/tab/enter is a node, affect the XML parsing. In IE will automatically ignore whitespace, but Firefox does not, so it is easy to find some of the strip XML whitespace JavaScript program to delete whitespace, such as this light practical ajaxlib.

What browser support XMLHttpRequest


Microsoft Internet Explorer (and derived browsers) 5.0+ (MAC OS version not supported)

Mozilla/mozilla Firefox (and derived browsers) 1.0+

Netscape 7.1+

Apple Safari 1.2+

Opera 7.6+

Opera Mobile Browser 8.0+
Safari and Chinese
It is inevitable to use UTF-8 as a code, but I found that some Chinese characters in Safari will make XML parsing problems, boring ...

IE Image Cache Bug
When IE has set "every time you check the screen", all the images will be downloaded again, and the details can be seen from the web.

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