Beijing East Campus White Stripes can apply the maximum amount? Where is the campus white-stripe repayment?

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Beijing East Campus White Stripes can apply the maximum amount

Jing Dong related Responsible person discloses, the financial product "white-stripes" which is based on the Beijing Dongda data superiority will push to the huge campus market. Student users can obtain 3000 yuan to 8000 yuan credit limit, within the credit line does not need to pay first, you can complete the purchase, 30 days repayment, do not charge interest. When repayment, use the bank card to carry on the net payment to be possible

Beijing East Campus White Stripes how to repay

1, into the White Paper query page

2, click on the figure red box "consolidated payment"

3, in the following page, you can select all orders or partial orders for payment

4, you can also choose the following figure below the white line of a paragraph to make payment

5, click the "Pay Now" button, the page jumps to the financial cashier, select the bank card-related information, you can complete the repayment operation.

Well, the above is a small series for everyone to tidy up on the Beijing-East Campus White stripes can apply for the maximum amount and repayment of all the operation process, I hope this article can bring help to everyone.

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