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The short days of internship in Beijing can be summarized as the following words: "pain and happiness ". The internship is where a startup team is working mainly on R & D of their own products. Now the products are coming to an end. It may not take long for them to go online, I actually went there, even if it was a complicated one, and I was not familiar with the product and used the technology. net is not very familiar. In general, the gains of this internship are true to your position, as well as your shortcomings. They also set some directions for your future employment and development.

This internship indeed exposes many of your own problems, such as lack of observation, lack of calm thinking about problem handling, and so on. I would like to thank Yong Ge, the soul of the development team for this opportunity. There should be many people in csdn, but there should be not many people who really know him. In fact, I just want to say that he is a real master. During this time, I was completely surrendered. He has been working for 17 years. His thoughts shocked me a lot. This summary should mainly summarize what he said to me. Every sentence requires me to spend a lot of time trying to figure out, next I will summarize my shortcomings I found during this internship based on what he said to me:

1. Learn to imitate and imitate a cool manCodeIt is much better than self-developed code..

During my internship, I felt the defect of my code style and found that my code was poorly written, ugly, and not mature, I can't even understand the code when I think about where to write it.

2. Be good at observation and cultivate your Sherlock-like thinking ability.

This is the most widely spoken sentence from the oX. I have heard of Sherlock Holmes but I don't know what he is doing. Finally, after watching the movie Sherlock Holmes, I realized what the cow really wanted to tell me. Through observation, many problems were not as difficult as we thought, cultivating Sherlock Holmes thinking is conducive to improving the ability to solve and analyze problems. Don't immediately think of Baidu or Google or ask someone else if you have any questions. Be good at thinking

3. Do not ask questions easily.

In many companies, new people usually have a teacher. However, you should not regard this teacher as your own. If you encounter problems, you must first try to solve them by yourself. Do not ask valuable questions.ProgramThe employee's ability to work in the company can catch up with the ability to work in five new programs. So, if you disturb the master for half an hour, it is equivalent to nearly three hours for yourself, try to solve the problem. Never ask the same question twice. This is also a secret of the master.

4. How to learn English.

English is a very important skill for a programmer. In order to cope with the test-style English learning, he will never be greatly improved. I learned from him at ordinary times, but I had nothing to read more technical documents or blogs in English. I learned both the technology and the English language.

5. Do not study for what you want to learn, but learn for him..

Sometimes we suddenly find that we have another knowledge point that we have not learned, so we want to learn this thing. At this time, we may not know that this learning efficiency is very low. We just want to learn about him, but we don't really know how to use it, or how to use it. Even if we learn it, we will forget it in a few days. To use it for learning, the advantage is that we don't have to take the time to learn a certain knowledge point. We learned it when we try to use it. This greatly deepens our impression, and is generally not so easy to forget.

6. Don't say no easily:

If the boss gives you a task during the work process, do not say it easily, do not say it, I did not do it, I will not do it. In this case, it only indicates that you are not competent. This is what the boss does not want to hear. We don't know. We can take this opportunity to learn and query materials, but we can't say no.

7. Don't ask me how to do it, but ask me what to do.

This sentence should not be easy to say. Don't ask others how to do this easily. I don't have any idea, waiting for others to give you an answer. To tell the truth, this kind of behavior is shameful. We should ask at most what I should do, what you say, and the rest I will do. Don't let others feed you.

To sum up, although I have not really done much technical work during my internship, I still learned a lot in terms of ideas and coding standards, this also laid a foundation for better learning in the future. From the words the boss told me, we can also clearly see that we should not blindly pursue new technologies, but also improve our various abilities, learning abilities, and observing abilities, the idea must follow the "trend ".

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