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Now is the era of efficiency, how can we in Word "fast" up? The following is a small part of the word to find the most practical 10 application techniques.

1. Quickly navigate to the last edit location

When you open the Word file, press the SHIFT+F5 key and you will find that the cursor has been positioned quickly to your last edit position.

Tip: In fact, the role of SHIFT+F5 is to navigate to the last three times word edit position.

2. Insert the current date or time quickly

Sometimes after writing an article, feel the need to insert the system at the end of the current date or time, the average person is through the selection menu to achieve. In fact, we can press the ALT+SHIFT+D key to insert the system date, and press the ALT+SHIFT+T key combination to insert the system current time, very soon!

3. Quickly use the format brush more than once

Word provides a quick way to copy formatting multiple times: Double-click the format brush, you can copy the selected format to multiple locations, click the format brush again or press ESC to close the format brush.

4. Quickly print multiple-page table headers

Select the subject line fly of the table, select the "header row repeat" check box under the Table menu, and when you preview or print the file, you will find that each page has a title, and of course the trick is to use this technique if the form has to be automatically paged.

5. Fast text promotion to title

First positioning the cursor to the text to be promoted as the title, when pressed alt+shift+← key, you can promote the text to the title, and the style is Heading 1, and then press the alt+shift+→ key continuously, you can reduce the heading 1 to Heading 2, Heading 3 ... Title 9.

6. Quickly change text font size

Word's font size drop-down menu, the Chinese font size is eighth to the first number, the English font size is 5 points to 72 pounds, which for the average office staff, of course, more than enough. However, in some special circumstances, such as printing posters or publicity mural often use a larger font, the operation of some trouble. In fact, we can quickly change the font size of text: First select the relevant Chinese characters in Word, and then click on the toolbar Font size Drop-down list box, directly type the value, you can quickly change your font sizes. And this technique works equally well in Excel and Wps2000/office.

Tip: Actually, there are two ways to quickly change the font size of Word text in small knitting:

(1) When the text is selected, press the Ctrl+shift+> key to quickly increase the selected text size at 10 points, and press the ctrl+shift+< key to quickly reduce the selected text size at 10 points;

(2) When text is selected, press CTRL +] to increase the selected text by a point, pressing the ctrl+[key to reduce the selected text by points.

7. Quickly set up and down callout

First select the need to do superscript text, and then press the key combination ctrl+shift+= can be set to superscript, and then restore to the original state, press ctrl+=, you can set the text as subscript, and then press once to revert to the original state.

8. Quick Cancel Automatic numbering

Although the automatic numbering function in Word is strong, but according to the author trial, found that automatic numbering commands often appear disorder. In fact, we can use the following method to quickly cancel the automatic numbering.

(1) When word for its automatic numbering, you just press the CTRL+Z key back to action, at this time the automatic number will disappear, and retype the number, the function will be banned;

(2) Select "Tools" → "AutoCorrect Options" command, in the AutoCorrect dialog box that opens, click the AutoFormat As You Type tab, deselect the AutoNumber list check box (Figure 1), and then click OK to finish.

9. Quick selection of fonts

In order to quickly select the font, we can put the common font as a button on the toolbar. First, right-click the Word toolbar, and select the Customize command. Open the Customize dialog box, select the Commands tab in the Customize dialog box, move the cursor bar to the font item in the category bar, see the font you usually use, drag it to the toolbar as a button, and then quickly select the font, Just select the text first, and then press the Font button on the toolbar, eliminating the hassle of selecting from a Font drop-down list box.

10. Quickly remove the word header under the horizontal line

Quickly removing the horizontal line under Word headers can be used in the following four ways: first, you can set the horizontal line color to "white"; the second is to set the table and border as none when entering headers and footers, and the third way is to go to the header edit and select the paragraph mark and delete it; the last method is to The "header" in the icon bar is replaced with "body".

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