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@ Pupil Ear: Designers, artists of a compulsory course is color, how to color, to achieve harmony to attract people's attention, or express their feelings, it is these professionals are concerned about. And for ordinary people like Amy, learning color matching can also help decorate the room, make greeting cards and so on. Therefore this period TOP5, will recommend 5 color application for everybody ~, a good assistant to visual designers.

As a visual designer, at the beginning of the program, often for how to make a set of good color scheme and tangle, through a beautiful scenery photos extracted from a number of colors to match, is a more common practice. And this will definitely become your intimate good helper ~

realhex--Color picker can also be used so!

Realhex as a pickup color and record color parameter values of the application, not just designers, painters, photographers patent, anyone can creatively use it, discover the magical uses you have not found!

fabrika--self-made decorative art

Fabrika is not a pure color tool, but mainly for the creation of wallpaper, it was chosen because of its color selection and matching function is really awesome! You can use Fabrika to DIY wallpaper, you can also use it to create repeating decorative artwork. Fabrika refuses to be monotonous and boring, making wallpaper creations full of impromptu pleasures and random surprises, while designers or ordinary visual enthusiasts can improve their color-matching abilities by constantly creating them.

colorsay--listen to the colors of the world

People always say that an artist should observe life more and find inspiration from the things around them. This sentence also applies to the "color sense" of the training. Colorsay is a color scanner that can recognize the color of the surroundings and broadcast the voice. It can be used to assist color blindness, the color of the weak to distinguish colors, for ordinary people to develop a "color sense" also greatly help. For the artist, it is equivalent to a real time to pick up the color pen, for the scene painting, layout will have no small use.

Adobe kuler--is the most professional and easy to use

When referring to the Color tool, you have to mention the Adobe home Kuler, its decades in the field of graphic design deep inside, making this color application has enough technical components. Professional, easy to use, perhaps a very simple vocabulary, but describe this app is more suitable.

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