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My PHP blog has been around for nearly two years. with the support of a large number of PHP enthusiasts, I wrote nearly 100 original PHP tutorials that have been verified in practice, every PHP Tutorial has penetrated my painstaking efforts. as the starting point of the next 100 PHP technical articles, I will summarize these 100 PHP introductory tutorials, first, we recommend the essence of these PHP tutorials from the perspective of a PHP website builder. in the future, we will also recommend PHP instance tutorials. it will take nearly two years to develop my PHP blog, with the support of a large number of PHP enthusiasts, I wrote nearly 100 original PHP tutorials that have been verified in practice. every PHP Tutorial has penetrated my painstaking efforts, as the starting point of the next 100 PHP technical articles, I will summarize these 100 PHP tutorials. first, I will recommend the essence of these PHP tutorials from the perspective of a PHP website builder, we will also recommend PHP instance tutorials in the future, and strive to create the best PHP getting started tutorials for PHP beginners. I hope these PHP tutorials I recommend will be useful to you, you are also welcome to discuss PHP technology with me.

  Understand website construction process

Process and steps of website construction based on website construction experience

  Reason for recommendation: For a PHP developer, the focus must be on PHP Development. but if you are a grassroots webmaster, you should first try to understand the website construction process and precautions, you need to learn from the global aspects of the website construction process, pay attention to which aspects should be taken, and be aware of your own situation. This will allow you to take less detours and reinforce your weaknesses.

  PHP installation tutorial recommendation

This tutorial focuses on building and configuring PHP environments on Windows, including manual PHP environment configuration and third-party PHP collection installation packages, such as Appserv and Xampp installation and configuration, I personally recommend that you manually follow the tutorial to build the PHP runtime environment. although it may be difficult to start, it provides more advantages. In addition, I will introduce the PHP environment setup and configuration in the Linux environment in the future.

PHP environment setup: tutorial on installing and configuring PHP + Apache + Mysql in Windows 7

How to install and configure PHP5 using FastCgi and ISAPI methods in IIS7

Win7 IIS7.5 + PHP Manager installation and configuration PHP5 + Mysql tutorial

Install and configure Nginx + PHP5 (FastCgi) in Windows

Nginx command: start, stop, and command parameters

  Reason for recommendation: PHP installation methods are diverse. you can use Apache, Nginx, IIS, and other methods to install and configure PHP. you can select an appropriate PHP installation and configuration tutorial based on your needs, at the same time, in the considerations for setting up and configuring the Windows PHP environment, I listed the solutions to problems that most PHP enthusiasts have proposed so far during the PHP installation and configuration process, it may not be complete, but I believe it has a certain effect. if you have any questions, I hope you can leave more messages. I will try my best to answer them.

PHP environment configuration: how to configure and install AppServ in Windows

PHP environment configuration: installation instructions and use of XAMPP In Windows

  PHP syntax tutorial recommendation

PHP Basics

PHP variable and constant learning in PHP Getting Started Tutorial

  Reason for recommendation: PHP syntax is essential for beginners of PHP. it is the beginning of PHP Development. it is also necessary to understand PHP Development specifications for future growth. Of course, I have not written much about the basic PHP tutorials. in the future, I will gradually increase the number of tutorials to help PHP beginners learn more.

  PHP development tools tutorials

For PHP website development, you must select a suitable PHP development tool to achieve twice the result with half the effort. There are many PHP development tools, which are not the best but suitable. commonly used tools include zend studio, editplus, PHPEclipse, and PHPEdit. I mainly use zend studio, it is recommended that you use Editplus to Debug PHP for beginners.

  PHP development tool tutorial recommendation: I mainly wrote a tutorial on zend studio, covering zend studio8 Chinese, zend studio debugging, zend debugger installation configuration, xdebug installation configuration, and so on.

  Mysql database management tutorial recommendation

When using PHP for WEB development, Mysql databases are the most commonly used. for Mysql database management, you can use Mysql commands or phpmyadmin to manage them. Understanding common Mysql commands is required. for example, importing, exporting, and backing up databases is required for website maintenance, one is to use the Mysqldump and Source commands to import and export databases, or use phpmyadmin to import and export database backups. For more phpmyadmin usage experiences, refer to my phpmyadmin tutorial and phpmyadmin configuration introduction, the tutorials cover phpmyadmin installation configuration, phpmyadmin configuration file description, phpmyadmin file size restriction solution, and phpmyadmin empty password login configuration method. they are very suitable for beginners of phpmyadmin.

  Website security tutorial recommendations

Discussion on the formulation of website maintenance content and maintenance solutions

How to disable directory access in Apache

Tutorial on setting password protection for directory access using apache and htaccess

  Reason for recommendation: During PHP website construction, website development is only a small part of the website construction cycle. the formulation and implementation of website maintenance content and security policies throughout the website construction process, in addition to hardware security maintenance, program security maintenance must also be considered.

Summary: I have explained the basic knowledge that a PHP developer must understand and master from the perspective of a website builder. there must be some omissions, in the future, I will continue to add. If you are biased, you are welcome to correct your criticism. Next time, I will recommend some PHP instance tutorials from the perspective of a PHP developer.

  Note: I have added the Sina Weibo function for the PHP website. I share the Sina Weibo icon in the header of each article. if you think this article is useful to you, thank you for your support!

  Note: PHP website development tutorial All rights reserved. please indicate the original source and this statement in the form of a link during reprinting. thank you.

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