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I have been in the workplace for several months. After several changes to the new office furniture, I suddenly found that the desktop has become the following. According to the idea of evolution, now, this layout shows a kind of adaptation. I also think this is a good learning process model: Books (teaching materials) are closest to me. It is the source of knowledge, but obviously, it is useless to talk on paper, so after the keyboard appears, the length of the arm is just 2/3 away from me. It is the most suitable position. Through it, I enter the knowledge in books into my computer, in order to verify; the display is at the end, but it occupies a vertical field of view, the most direct feedback of practical results, used to verify knowledge; finally, the results of practice can be immediately compared with the original knowledge in the horizontal field of view (the first book), thinking about different and changing.

-- My desk: learning process embodied in desktop Layout

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