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Social workers, also known as volunteers, are volunteers who provide free service and dedication to society and are messengers of social civilization.

At the China Information Security Conference on September 12, 2012, Ningjia, an expert on information security, referred to the term "permeable social worker" in his speech on "The current Network information security guarantee problem". As a matter of fact, "permeable social workers" is not just emerging, but so far, it has formed a considerable scale, "social workers" not only in many social networks, but also the development trend of almost exponential growth, its strength can not be belittled.

Permeable social workers are those organizations or individuals, using social networks, open source communities to summon helpful "information security enthusiasts", in the form of communication technology, the establishment of a loose network organization, intrusion and attack activities such as infiltration, such as the collection of information, the development of "special features" gadgets, centralized network resources, Launch DDoS attacks, organize apt intrusion ... These enthusiasts or devotees are called permeable social workers.

Permeable social workers are divided into two categories: one is amateur, I do not know the specific attacks involved, but the entire attack in a small link, not to earn money does not matter, just to participate in technical practice; the other is professional, specializing in "network of black industry chain" business, they have their own organization and operation of the way, To profit for the purpose, can carry out the infiltration of the organization and planning; say they are social workers some inaccurate, should be outsourced team.

The permeable social worker is actually the "Labor Reserve market" of network security incident, its nature is similar to "Network Navy", "Trojan promoter".

Reasons for the emergence of permeable social workers:

We remember the controversial "human Search" bar, virtual network of enthusiasts, their social energy is surprisingly large, can let an ordinary person quickly fire up, can let an official suddenly exposure and step down, can let a celebrity embarrassed no language, can let an ordinary people's sleep is difficult to Ann ... This is willing to share the spirit of the Internet, once let a lot of people love and hate, in fact, the network to express the people's love and hate is a good thing, just a mixed bag. It is not surprising, therefore, that these network "volunteers" are complacent about their ability to provide "help" to others.

The presence of permeable social workers has provided a great help to the organization's invasion attacks, with a positive hacker war and a negative big miss Trojan spread. This phenomenon, I think, is not the problem of social workers themselves, but the environment and system of society. Let us briefly analyse the reasons for the growing ranks of the "permeable social workers":

1. The attraction of mystical power: The network is virtual, information security is mysterious, those who have "legendary" experience of the "industry predecessors" is more mysterious, admirable, many people for themselves to become a "hacker" color of the social network, a member of the open source community and proud of it, Especially those young people who are still weaving the dream of the future and those who have just stepped into society and are eager to be accepted by society. Many people think that this is just a technical discussion and practice, but a game in the classroom. Under the influence of mystical force, help collect information, organize attacks together, develop penetration tools, assist data removal ...

2, the promotion of social corruption: the credibility of the reality of the system is getting worse, there is no good faith, failure to keep the promise has become a common problem, almost breakthroughs in human tolerance limit. Businessmen do not have integrity, people eat anything like poison, the government does not have integrity, people are scared to do anything, this for young people, is not known to return. The "Sharing and mutual help" of the Internet, the family greetings of the social network, let them feel "the warmth of society", here "everyone dedicated, everyone mutual assistance, did not take", to become a "social worker" has become a lot of people's "second career"; This job can release their dissatisfaction with society, can fight corrupt officials, can help the weak and helpless people, can maintain world peace ...

3, learning the helplessness of knowledge: the majority of people who join these communities are from technical learning, improve their ability. Because information security is a special industry, the school teachers want to speak, and dare not speak more, most of them are basic theories, information security enterprises are "still holding the pipa half cover", fear of their own technology leaks, fear of the duplication of competitors, but more importantly: students do not practice the environment, security is a practical lesson, do not carry out actual live-fire practice, The results of the paper are known to all. Therefore, the information security has a strong interest in the Internet as the practice of the classroom, but with the strict state control, to avoid their own "fall", to join the community, to participate in the "organization", it will become the road of learning on the road of choice. The organization is coordinated combat, has the security, the organization has "the hacker predecessors" the technical guidance, the enhancement own ability very to force ...

4, the Government's private promotion: the Internet has gradually become the main battlefield of information warfare between countries, if only the network of military performance, obviously not the government officials want, the use of "permeable social workers", the formation of a network of third-party forces of attack and defense, not only reserves the national network of War talent, and added to the peace cloak under the cyber spy War concealment. From the American "Einstein Plan" way of view, a large number of the use of private enterprises, individual associations, not only to deceive, but also political needs. Therefore, in recent years, many governments have put a large number of national network security organizations into the civil, academic, and give full open policy. From the statistics of the major information security incidents in recent years, nearly one-third of the major security incidents were not done by individual hackers or civil hackers. In this context, it is necessary to promote and subsidize the establishment of a large social stratum of "permeable social workers".

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Permeable social workers are like a huge information security workforce Training School that provides a powerful social foundation for the popularization of information security technologies. After all, these social workers are to "graduate", their future outlet is worthy of attention, if not for the normal channels of society to accept, will be pushed to the network black industrial chain "unemployed army."

The outlet problem of permeable social workers deserves attention:

From the hobby of technology, to the professional worker, many people's experience is repeating this process. The formation of a permeable social work team is a major factor in the young people's interest in technology, or the cult of famous hackers. Once you become a professional permeable engineer, consider not only the technology, the temptation of money, the pressure of life, the imbalance of society ... Could make them the labor force in the black industry chain.

Most of the academic qualifications of permeable social workers are not high, which will be a direct obstacle to their direct social employment, and this phenomenon should be more and more concerned by society.

We analyzed the possibility of a permeable social worker's way out, and the positive way out is as follows:

1, National Network forces: This is perhaps the most permeable social workers want to become, professional and interest into one, promising. Then, there is very little domestic recruitment, there is no open recruitment channels in the United States, so it can only be a dream of many people;

2, information security companies: from infiltration intrusion to security defense, to information security companies for the government, enterprises to provide security services. Although working hard, we can finally feed the family. If you are good at communicating with people, networking in place, perhaps you can become the boss, from technology to businessmen;

3, Security Management Department staff: apply to a business or government it's operation and Maintenance Management Department, responsible for enterprise information security construction, technical should not be a problem, mainly to obtain the trust of leadership, a stable work, plain and simple, many well-known hackers have chosen this way;

4, technology promoter: like technology, but also like to bring new people, open a technology website or forum, relying on the internet to build their own "small family", using their legendary experience, the introduction of a new professor of technical knowledge, life is also a comfort.

The so-called negative way out is as follows:

1, professional hackers: persistent in technology, there is the talent of reverse thinking, they have no concept of money, but never worry about life, willing to accept the extreme challenges, inadvertently become professional hackers, of course, is likely to become the focus of government, social attention;

2, the black industry chain: their own technical capacity is limited, can not do earth-shattering big event, but become a variety of network black industry chain key link or Fufuyu, rely on technology to take money, even if the conscience flashed a trace of unease, but in the face of clothing, unable to maintain technical interests of the real life pressure, all is a cloud;

3, Network TRIAD members: Information security is a special industry, the bright money is not very easy, private transactions are very easy. The virtual society soon has all the dirt in the real society, the network underworld not only monopolizes all kinds of "business" of the black industrial chain, but also needs all kinds of technology "hatchet" to maintain the "normal order" of the network society they built up.


Whether attracted by technology or the cult of celebrities, they are so distorted under social pressure. But the community of permeable social workers is growing, becoming the "labor market" where political groups, black industry chains and internet gangs are scrambling to exploit.

Give them a bright training environment, reasonable guide their obsession with technology, so that their wisdom really for the internet, "mutual aid, sharing, equality" to provide services, is the information security industry managers, workers should do.

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