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The majority of webmaster friends to do optimization is to achieve a good ranking it? Once the goal is achieved, that is, we can all be happy? In fact, there may be a hidden "great conspiracy" that warrants our vigilance.

Naturally update the site, the rankings are rising because of high-quality articles and users, so the ranking rise, you can completely relax, because this situation is generally long-term rankings, your site weight will also rise.

There are times when we hold on for a long time and there is no good change in the rankings, but suddenly one day the rankings go up dramatically, but the snapshots stop and the spider's heat drops, and no amount of effort will rise again.

This time it is worth our attention. Long-time ranking no change, indicating the quality of this station is low or excessive chain, but in view of the rise in the rankings, you can exclude excessive chain, so this situation is generally a low quality site, a high quality outside the chain played a role. This time do not think that this is the ranking of my site, these are false, if you continue to spread their thinking of the ' high quality ' outside the chain, a week or two not only ranked No, but also may face the impact of K station.

There is also a phenomenon, this is a common problem, the site is often the first day ranking, the next day is not ranked. The first thing we think of is the keyword heat, if it is a hot word, a lot of competition sites, Baidu will often update, but also not to rank, so it should be a link or server problems. If the site in your friend's chain is unstable, your site will also fluctuate. If you are using space, or even hundreds of people use the public space, it is very difficult to do the station, once other users have any illegal site, your site will face the danger of K station.

Case: I last year in the optimization of a website, do is "H-beam" This keyword, this is not what hot word, Baidu index 200+, because I do not know enough about this industry, so write the industry article quality is very low, most of it is based on professional articles to rewrite. Ranked at around 40, suddenly October one day ranked to 32, the next day to 28, at this time other keywords also rise, the third day to 24. I have sent a few information on the promotion of the site connection, I think is this caused, so every day or update the low quality articles, to such a website to send outside the chain. But the rankings did not rise, hovering on the 24-position for a week, then a small drop every day, but a few days later the rankings will return. Until one day the rankings completely disappeared, and I had an epiphany. began to gradually reduce the strength of the release of the chain, the article updated the frequency of reduction, from 200 words a day to 1000 words a week, one months later, the site is basically normal, frequent spiders visit every day, snapshots updated every day, but the rankings did not return to 24, so instead gave us the opportunity to play, indicating that Baidu has trusted this site.

From today's case, I will be the best to do optimization, do not seek shortcuts, pay attention to the content of the construction, a number of site rankings are slowly rising, I think, so that we can be more assured that the webmaster, so out of the ranking is the true ranking!

Finally, the fool to provide you with some suggestions, only for reference Oh!

One, the content of the website rather update frequency is low, also want to guarantee the quality. (for corporate sites, day and week effect is the same)

Second, friend chain Exchange to be prudent, rather for a stable, also do not change 10 high rankings but included low, snapshots are not updated.

Third, the outside chain form regularity, as far as possible let it naturally appear.

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