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Two consecutive trainings were conducted recently: Beyond agile, beyond eXtreme Programming, and beyond agile, beyond MSF.

The course outline is as follows:

Beyond agility-beyond eXtreme Programming
Extreme Programming (XP)
This is a lightweight, fast, and adaptable project management method for small and medium-sized projects.

Course outline:
1. particularity of software project management
1.1 China Software Project's "two limits, two uncertainties" features.
1.2 project success = good demand + good design + Good Management
1.3 project management diamond badge
2. Extreme Programming
2.1 Best requirements: customer stories and full participation
2.2 Best Practices in design: simple design
2.3 testing best practices: Test-driven development and automated testing R
2.4 Best Practices in coding: refactoring, Pair programming,CodeCo-occurrence and emphasis on coding standards
2.5 best practices for project management: continuous integration, standing meetings, release of minor versions, 40 hours of work per week
2.6 metaphor

Challenges in the course:

1. "Six beats" in project management"

2. agile challenges-developing an onlineCommunityWebsite

3. identify skill gaps

4. Analyze online community website requirements

5. online community Website Design Analysis

6. An impossible plan

7. How to "test-driven" Thinking

8. Write documents in pairs

Beyond agility> MSF

MSF is short for Microsoft solution framework and a methodology for Microsoft software development.

Course outline:
1. Try MSF
1.1 MSF team Model
1.2 MSF Lifecycle Model
Eight Principles of 1.3msf
1.4 bottom-up Estimation
2. Scrum Introduction
2.1 three roles, three Conference Products
2.2 sprint, sprint!

Ten Challenges in the course:
1. Case study: the project team kicked the ball.
2. Case study: how to plan the project plan?
3. Case Analysis: developers who like the challenges
4. Case study: communication! Communication?
5. Case study: Unexpected project conditions
6. Case Analysis: Distributed Task Arrangement
7. Case study: Project Summary during version release
8. Case study: how can we resolve the differences in review?
9. Case study: compromise during software release
10. Practice: Try to estimate

Two courses have been created as videos. You are welcome to watch them!

Click here to watch the video.

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