Beyond Compare how to modify the diff folder

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Beyond Compare is a professional file comparison software. Both pictures, programs, and folders can be compared. When we find the difference between the files by beyond compare software, we can change the differences directly through the software, which is both easy and labor-saving. Here's to share with you beyond compare how to modify the diff folder? For everyone to make a reference.


The procedure is as follows:

Step One: Open the Beyond Compare software, select the folder comparison session, open the session operator interface. Click the Browse for Folder button to select the folder you want to compare.

Beyond Compare folder comparison session operator interface legend

Step two: As shown in the example, the Red label shows a folder that has a difference, and double-click to open a diff folder.

Among them, the red labeled file is the difference file; The gray-labeled file is the older version of the file compared to its diff file; the purple-labeled file is an orphaned file, which is a separate file owned by the comparison folder;

Beyond Compare folder compare diff file interface legend

Step Three: Right-click the diff file for a red callout, select the Open tab in the expanded menu, and jump to the text compare session operator interface.

Click the Small triangular icon on the top left thumbnail of the session interface to adjust the view to display text differences. Click the yellow arrow icon on the left and right side of the pane to copy the Difference section to the other side to balance the difference text, depending on your individual modification requirements.

Beyond Compare Text comparison differences section interface legend

Step four: Right-click on an orphaned file of a purple callout and select Modify action from the expanded menu. Depending on your personal comparison folder requirements, you can choose to copy to the right or move to the right tab for action.

Right-click an orphaned file to expand the menu interface legend

The above steps explain in detail the beyond compare how to modify the difference folder. Beyond Compare has always been such an intelligent software, committed to the greatest extent to meet the needs of users, now click on the "Beyond compare Download " Can enjoy the intelligent life of the software.

Beyond Compare how to modify the diff folder

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