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Various Internet companies conduct statistical analysis through a large amount of user data and information, and these complicated data can be displayed to users in a graphical form after being processed by visual tools, clear and intuitive. With the increase of various types of data, this visualization tool has become increasingly popular among developers.

We recommend 25 visualization tools for your selection and use.

1. Modest maps

Modest maps is a lightweight, scalable, customizable, and free map display class library that helps developers interact with maps in their own projects. Modestmaps provides a core and robust element development kit with many hooks and additional functionality functions.

2. Leaflet

Lefalet is an open-source JavaScript library used to develop mobile friendly interactive maps. It was developed by a team of professional contributors led by Vladimir agafonkin. Although the code is only 31 KB, it has most of the functions of developing online maps.

The lefalet Design adheres to the idea of simplicity, high performance, and good availability. It can operate efficiently on all major desktop and mobile platforms, and uses HTML5 and css3 advantages in modern browsers, it also supports access from the old browser. Supports extension of plug-ins. It has a friendly and easy-to-use API documentation and a simple and readable source code.

3. Raw

Raw is a free and open-source web application, and data visualization is as simple and flexible as possible. It defines itself as "lost links between workbooks and vector images ". It allows you to load, copy, paste, drag, drop, and delete datasets, and allows you to customize views and layers.

Raw is developed based on the popular d3.js library and supports many chart types, such as bubble chart, ing chart, and ring chart.

4. Big Data Magic Mirror

The first big data visualization analysis software and platform in China is a leading domestic Big Data Visualization product. Supports connection to a variety of common database software, including MySQL, sqlserver, Oracle, Excel, and other data sources. You can use magic mirror to collect website data, sales data, ERP data, and financial data, integrated analysis, both leaders, marketing personnel, sales personnel, and ordinary employees can use magic mirror to support business decisions in real time and quickly make accurate judgments to generate value. Real-time analysis of various internal and external data accumulated by the enterprise, provides data analysis and data visualization functions for the enterprise, and provides customized big data solutions tailored to the specific needs of the enterprise.

5. Fusion charts suit XT

Fusioncharts xt is a cross-platform, cross-browser JavaScript chart component that provides you with a pleasant JavaScript chart experience. It is the most comprehensive Chart solution, including 90 + chart types and numerous interactive functions, including 3D, various instruments, tooltip, drill-down, scaling and scrolling. It provides complete documentation and ready-to-use demos to help you quickly create charts.

6. chartkick

Chartkick is a chart rendering tool that features beautiful UI, simple use, and supports most browsers including ie6. It can also be used with open-source frameworks Django, flask/jinja2. It allows you to create professional JavaScript charts with the least code, and even draw beautiful charts with just one line of Ruby code!

7. Bonsai

Bonsai is a free and open-source JavaScript graphics library that allows you to create images and animations. This library uses SVG as the output mode to generate graphics and animation effects. It has a complete graphic processing API that makes it easier for you to process graphics effects. It also supports gradient and filters (Gray, fuzzy, opacity, etc.) and other effects. Many mouse (or touch) and Keyboard Events are built into the library and can be easily managed. Bonsai supports standard animation and Key Frame Animation, sets a series of continuous animations, and has a large number of simple functions that can be used in the animation.

8. Google charts

Google charts provides a perfect way to visualize data, providing a large number of existing chart types, from simple line charts to complex layered tree maps. It also has built-in animation and user interaction control.

9. birdeye

Birdeye is an open-source Adobe Flex chart creation component. Used to create a multi-dimensional data analysis Visual Interface

10. Arbor. js

Arbor is a visual graphics library created using web works and jquery. It provides an efficient force-directed Layout Algorithm for graphic organization and screen refresh processing.

11. jsdraw2dx

Jsdraw2dx is a standard JavaScript library used to create any type of SVG interactive graphics. It can generate images including line, hold, polygon, elliptical, and arc.

12. springy

Springy. JS is lightweight and simple. It provides an abstract graphical processing and computing layout that supports canvas, SVG, webgl, and HTML elements.

13. Cube

Cube is an open-source system used to visualize time series data. It is developed based on MongoDB, nodejs, and d3.js. You can use it to create real-time visualized dashboard metrics for internal dashboards. For example, you can use cube to monitor website traffic and count the number of requests every 5 minutes.

14. gantti

Gantti is an open-source PHP class that helps you generate Gantt charts instantly. Using gantti to create charts does not require Javascript, implemented in pure HTML5-CSS3. By default, the chart output is very beautiful, but you can customize the style for output (SASS style sheet ).

15. smoothie charts

Smoothie charts is a very small dynamic flow chart library. Push a websocket to display real-time data streams. Smoothie charts only supports chrome and Safari browsers, and does not support text or pie charts. It is good at displaying streaming media data.

16. Envision. js

Envision. JS is a javascript Library Based on flotr2 and HTML5. It is used to simplify and quickly create interactive HTML5 visual charts. It consists of two chart types: Time Sequence Chart and finance. APIs are provided to developers, allowing users to create charts directly.

17. gephi

Gephi is an open-source free cross-platform JVM-based complex network analysis software. It is mainly used for interaction visualization and open-source testing of various networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs. Available for: exploratory data analysis, link analysis, social network analysis, and biological network analysis. Gephi is a powerful tool for information data visualization.

18. Javascript infovis Tool

Javascript infovis toolkit is a javascript library for creating interactive data charts on the web. This library has many unique and fashionable animation effects and is available for free.

19. humblefinance

Humblefinance is a visual compilation tool for HTML5 data. As a model for interactive graphics, similar to the Flash tool, the tool itself is compiled in JavaScript and uses prototype and flotr libraries. It can be used to display any two 2D datasets whose actual values share an axis.

20. Paper. js

Paper. JS is an open-source vector graphics script framework developed based on HTML5 canvas. It provides clear scene graphs, Dom, and a large number of powerful functions to create various vector graphs and besell curves.

21. d3.js

D3 is one of the most popular visualization libraries and is used by many other table plug-ins. It allows binding arbitrary data to the Dom, and then applies the data-driven conversion to the document. It can help users quickly visualize and interact with each other in the form of HTML or SVG, merge and smoothly transition, and demonstrate animations on Web pages. It can be either a visual framework (such as protovis) or a page building framework (such as jquery ).

22. dipity

Dipity is a timeline-based Web application that allows users to share their social behavior on the Internet (such as Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, blog/RSS) aggregate and import all data to your dipity timeline.

23. kartograph

Kartograph is a framework used to create unmanned, interactive maps (such as Google maps. It consists of two libraries: one is the python library, which proposes vector maps from form functions or post GIS and converts them into SVG format; the other is the Javascript library, convert these SVG formats to interactive maps.

24. Please lize free

Visulize free is a free visual analysis tool developed based on advanced commercial indicator boards and visualization software.

25. Pizza pie charts

Pizza pie charts is a responsive pie chart. Based on the Adobe snap SVG framework, it uses HTML tags and CSS to replace JavaScript objects, making it easier to integrate various advanced technologies.

Big Data Visualization Analysis Tool recommendation

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