Big Data: improves your executable insights

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With the development of social platforms and the popularization of mobile smart terminals, the explosion of massive data is no longer the static images, text, audio, and other files in the database, it has gradually evolved into a powerful resource for enterprise competition, and even the lifeline of enterprise development. IBM has talked about the concept of 2B several years ago. Today, big data can help enterprises strengthen their competitiveness. Big Data includes flow data, static data, non-structural data, and structural data. How to leverage the value of such data and use big data, big data visualization, and other technical applications to improve executable insights.

Approaching Big Data

The growth rate of human storage information is four times faster than that of the world economy, while that of computer data processing is nine times faster than that of the world economy, everyone is affected by the rapid development of data. In other words, we are being overwhelmed by data. This kind of "big" is also a common consumer's understanding of big data. The essence of big data is technology, and the core application is to improve your insight or prediction capabilities.

Quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes

In fact, big data is similar to cloud computing. It is also a relatively new technology or industry. It is now called Big Data. To put it bluntly, with the development of the Internet, a large amount of data has been generated, big Data is massive data. It is vital to obtain the information we need from these massive structured or unstructured data.

With the development of information technology and the Internet, the data measurement unit has expanded from the original "G" to the current TB and even Pb, and it has been a long time on this network platform, A large amount of data may have been generated. This information may have been stored on a computer or a server. If we use some technology to process the data, we will find some information we need, and this data will increase value, because this data can add value to the current enterprise, and naturally become the data that many enterprises need, so big data is so hot. However, big data is a new technology. in a strict sense, it is still an industry, but it is just getting started to create benefits and generate value, there is still a way to go.

Marketing Revolution

We can get what we need through big data. We can say that big data is more external, and more is the data on the Internet platform. So for us, the first major change should be our marketing revolution. In the past, marketing was a local or sales promotion mode, which was inefficient and not targeted. If big data can provide some mature solutions, future marketing will be targeted, by using the big data analysis model to learn which products are popular in which regions, product features, consumer group habits, and other information, we can help sales personnel conduct more accurate marketing, both efficiency and cost are greatly improved.

Taking e-commerce enterprises as an example, e-commerce enterprises are actually building an application platform for data analysis and mining, and creating an influence that drives the future commercial value of data. In 2013, the No. 1 store cooperated with guoyun data company to use the company's product Big Data Magic mirror, which is based on the big data platform, data-driven business models and products such as marketing, data analysis, traffic control, Bi reports, and personalized recommendations are established. After more than a year of operation, the customer service capability of No. 1 stores has been improved, and significant economic benefits have been brought to enterprises.

What we can imagine is that in addition to using the big data platform to implement the "think of users" function, in the future, we can use the data on the Internet platform to match products that users like, at the same time, carry out active marketing strategies to improve the active purchase and sales opportunities of goods. For e-commerce enterprises, grasping the internal Big Data Platform and the third-party big data of the Internet platform will inevitably achieve a greater increase in the value of the entire e-commerce.

Improve insights and focus on Big Data

Today, we are in the early age of big data. Although thinking and technology are the most valuable, most of the value must be mined from the data itself. As a data hacker, how can we help enterprises seize business opportunities in the big data age while facing the challenges of thinking transformation and technological updates?

In the Internet era, users' consumption habits, interests, relationship networks, and Internet Trends and trends will become a hot topic of industry practitioners, all of this is inseparable from Internet big data analysis. Big Data magic mirror allows you to collect, store, compute, mine, and manage big data, and use deep learning and data modeling technologies to make data more intelligent. With the big data magic mirror engine, enterprises can help them segment consumer groups, industry segments, and consumer preferences (behaviors) in massive data. Data can tell us the consumption trend of each customer, what they want, what they like, and what is the difference between each person's needs. In fact, the big data magic mirror is a big data processing platform and consumer behavior database. Based on the massive data analysis on the mobile Internet and mobile social platforms, it brings enterprise marketing to the Personalized era. The Application of big data analysis on the Internet platform can tell enterprises what is the right marketing time and direction, who is the right user, and what is the correct content that should be published, etc, this satisfies the needs of enterprises on the mobile Internet. Based on data from various platforms such as the Internet, we can further explore and analyze the data, find the groups corresponding to the data, and then make a personalized comparison between these groups, in order to expand the personalized product marketing services of e-companies.

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Big Data: improves your executable insights

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