Big talk App Test 2.0 notes-power consumption test

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Indirectly reflect the power consumption by testing whether some special modules or functions have bugs.

For example, the user pays through any scene, at this time under the weak network (upstream: 100Kbps, downlink: 100kbps,dns delay and network delay are all in 100ms), then when the wallet jumps to the sound wave payment interface, from the function and the business does not have any abnormality, But there is a problem with the logic behind it-whether the user is exiting the paid view or exiting the wallet, its sonic polling RPC will keep requesting until the 2-minute timeout.

2-minute polling consumes a lot of power and user traffic.

At the beginning of the project, do test analysis to evaluate the high risk modules or functions of this special, for example:

  1. The module called to the map in the app

  2. Request test and retry mechanism under weak network

  3. Using targeted services in your app

Big talk App Test 2.0 notes-power consumption test

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