Big talk data structure Chapter 1 sorting 9th opening remarks

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Opening remarks 9.1
Hello everyone! Have you ever bought anything online?
Hmm? Someone says no. Haha, all of you are college students. Many of you should have had online shopping experience. Even if you do not have one, you can see or hear something. Now online shopping is relatively mature, which brings great convenience to users.
If I want to buy an iPhone 4 mobile phone, I went to an e-commerce website to search for it. After searching, we can find that (9-1-1) There are 8863 related items. So many items are called my choice. I actually want to buy a cheaper product, but I am afraid of scammers. What should I do if I want to find a reputable merchant?


Some of the following shopping experts gave me their ideas and sorted them. Right. Just sort it (as shown in 9-1-2 ). I can sort the products I search for based on my own needs, for example, by credit from high to low, and then by price from low to high, put the items that best meet my expectation in front, and finally find the merchants I want to buy, which is very convenient.


How does a website quickly order goods according to certain rules? This is an important topic to be explained today-sorting.

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